Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


13. What am I doing here?(Short)

-Sima POV-

  Keny and I were walking to the other side of the rode when we saw a car in front of Lux, coming to her. "KENDRA LOOK!" I screamed, we ran and pushed her out of the way.

-Lux POV-

  I was now on the sidewalk, I look around and people are staring at something, I run and check and no it isn't, no it isn't. "SIMA, KENDRA!" I screamed crying, I saw Meagan running over here. We were both crying. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry" I whispered to them. Uncle Harry came out and screamed. Ring Ring Ring. Uncle harry answered his phone. "Hello?" "Wait, no, no, yes I know where they are" "No don't come, wait um they kind of got in a accident, come really quick! NOW! YES NOW! TELL VANESSA, TOO BABE!!" He screamed into the phone. About 10 minutes later, Uncle Harry, Meagan, Vanessa, Bianca, Keny's and Simy's mum and dad were in the ambulance. 

-20 Minutes later-

  We are finally here and we waiting for what seemed like hours. We went to timmy's to get some donuts and stuff.

-Kendra POV-

  I suddenly wake up in a hospital room, I'm really confused right now. I see Sima beside me awake but she doesn't see me. I try to talk but my throat is to dry. I see a sign on with a button that says "Press for help", I pressed the button and someone came in, in a snap. "Oh, good your awake!" A doctor says in her mid-20s. I gesture that I need water. "Oh" she says walking away, she comes back with a glass of water for Sima and me. "2?" Sima says, then she turns around. "KENDRA! Your awake, I thought you were going to die." She said in tears hugging me. All the memories came draining back, Lux and Meagan fighting. The car incident, I let go of her. "Yea..." I said "Um Ms!". "Yes" She exclaimed happily back. "I would like to see everyone" I said standing up. "Oh no you stay, I will call them". She left the room and everyone came in, in tears. "Oh Kendra, Oh Sima! Why?" Lux screamed. "Because, If we let you die, it would be horrible" Simy said crying. "Well you will be allowed to get out in about 2 days, I would like everyone to get out, they need rest" She shooed everyone out and I fell asleep. 

I HOPE I'm okay. 

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