Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


19. That's not my baby!

   Chapter 19

Louis POV


      She starting crying, I hugged her and made circles on her back. "Don't cry babe!" I said making a soothing noise. "Louis?" she said almost whispering. "Yes love?" I said hugging her. "Will you take me back?" She said to me. I thought about it for a minute, I want that baby more than anything, we can't have the baby not know her dad. I sighed, "Of course babe, love you" I said kissing her passionately. Wow, I missed those. "I'm 3 months pregnant" she said feeling her stomach and smiling. "Oh, that's why you were so fat" I snicked. "Louis!" She said smacking my arm laughing. Ahh, I missed this. I got a phone call, it was Madison.




"I thought about it, I will date u!"

"Urm, sorry Madison, I'm dating Eleanor, she's pregnant..."

    She just hung up after that. Oh my god. What am I going to do? I went to Eleanor with everyone gathered around. "Oi! Eleanor!" I screamed. "It's about 6:30, I want to go see if the baby is really mine!" I said hugging her. "O-okay let's g-go" She said muttering.

   -20 minutes later-

  We got there and I helped Eleanor up. "Eleanor Calder" She said handing the woman behind the desk her card. She looked up and was shocked. "Yes, I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!" I said. She then glared at Eleanor. "Wow, already had it with him! How many have you had it with?" She said glaring at her. "Whoa! Don't say that about her! She is wonderful! I hate directioners like you" I spat, she gulped and gave Eleanor back her card. She started crying. "It's okay babe, let's go" I said as the doctor called us in. "Hello, I'm Louis, and this is Eleanor, my girlfriend." I said proudly. "I just want to see if the baby she's having is mine" I said staring at her smiling. "Oh okay!" He said. "Eleanor, use this and we'll see who's baby it is" he said giving her something. She left the room and gave back 5 minutes later. "Okay, just giving me a second" He said walking back. We started talking when the doctor came back really quick. "This baby is....." He said, my heart started pumping. He gulped, "It's Harry Styles baby" He said. My heart stopped, I stared at Eleanor. She was already looking down, "Thank you doctor" I said shaking his hand and taking Eleanor to the car. I drove home in silence and blanked out her comments, we got home and I swung open the door. I went to harry and started pounding on him. The boys got me off Harry. "How could you! My girlfriend!!" I screamed, starting crying. "I'm sorry! It wasn't like that!" He said on the ground. "YOU ARE NOW A DAD!" I spat in his face and ran upstairs.

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