Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


16. Secrets? PHFFT! (Extremely short)

    ~2 days later~

 -Keny POV-

  Yes! Today is the day we leave. Sima was as happy as I was. Ugh, 2 more minutes until everyone comes. Simy and I decided to play some go fish, we were that bored and that's the only game we know with cards. 2 minutes passed by and everyone came in. "Well, we know you guys are still a little tired but we want to take you to laser ta-" before he could finish I yelled out. "WE'RE NOT TIRED AT ALL, are we Sima?" I said giving her the yes-we-are-not-tired look. She nodded. "Okay, lets leave now girls!" My sister said picking us off the beds. We said our goodbyes and left. We still had to go home to get dressed though. Eleanor had to talk with Louis so we just all got changed. When we got back downstairs Eleanor left and Louis was crying. "What wrong?" I said patting his back a little hard. "Ow Lux" he chuckled. "Sorry" which sounded like 'sowwy'. He chucked again. "Hey guys, not to be mean, but can Lux, Meagan, and Sima please go away?" He said a little harsh. We ran off with out saying a word. "Hey guys, let's run away to the park and see what they would do, I bet they would go to the paint ball place anyway" I said a little disappointing  "Okay! Let's go!" Simy and Keny said at the EXACT same time. We got on our shoes quietly, we got out the doggy door because we were small enough, then we ran.

  -Biance POV-

 "Okay let's go check on the girls" I said walking outside. "Where are they? They were right there!" I said panicking. We started shouting there names and looking everywhere. Oh my god! Where are they! I started losing my breath. I couldn't breath right now. I was breathing in and out but it wouldn't work. The door opened and-

(A/N, Plot twist!! Okay, whoever guessed it right can be Louis's new girlfriend! Come on guess, guesssss!

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