Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


8. School

    (A/N, Sorry guys I haven't updated a lot because I have been getting ready for school in 3 days and tomorrow I won't be able to update because it's my moms birthday!(:, I'm adding my best friends for the reminder of the story because there awesome! Love you Kendra, Sima, and Meagan will be added later! xx)


   ~3 days later~ It was finally time to go to kindergarten! This was my first time today and it was going to be the best. I woke up to the sound of my mom shaking the bed to wake up me up! I groaned and said no. She just picked me up, took off my cloths, and took me a shower. I started crying because it was really cold. "Mommy!!" I cried. "It's time for school sweetie!" She screamed in excitement. I stopped crying and started laughing at how silly I was. We finally got ready and my mommy packed my lunch while I was eating my breakfast. I finished and put my backpack on and got my lunch! My mom put me in the car and she got in and we drove to the kindergarten place.


   ~20 minutes later~ We were FINALLY here, I said my byes and ran inside of the kindergarten! Everyone was playing games and the teacher made everyone stop. "Hello everyone! This is Lux, she will be our new student for the rest of the year, isn't that exciting? Sima, and Kendra can you please show Lux around?" She said letting go of my hand. Kendra and Sima came to my sides and showed me around the room. BRIIIIING! The bell went, wow, it was ALREADY lunch time. We went into the lunch room and ate all of our lunch talking and our teacher put on Arthur on so we watched that. BRIIIIIIIING! Now it's time for recess! YAY! We went outside and played with a red bouncy ball. While we were playing a guy came and started making fun of us and took our ball. We shrugged it off and played hopscotch. BRIIIIIIIIIIING! It's time to go inside and pack up and go home. (A/N She can now speak full sentences so sorry for the skip in that!) "Oh by the way, do you guys wanna come to my house? Were going to bake cupcakes!" Sima said in excitement. "Sure! I have to ask my mummy though" I said and Kendra nodded.

   Soon after, my mom came to pick us up but I stopped. "Mummy, can I go to Sima's house? We are going to bake cupcakes!" I said rubbing my tummy. "Sure but in a hour! Your uncles will drop you off" My mummy said. I nodded and said "See you guys in a hour!". We waved bye and drove home, this is going to be the best day EVER, and I mean it!

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