Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


10. Not 3 but 4 musketeers

   -Lux POV-

 After Mummy dropped me off, I was looking for Sima. "Come on where are you Sima?" I said to myself with people staring at me. "Just talking to this umm...CHALK!" I said picking up the chalk while everyone awkwardly turned around. Then Sima came out of nowhere. "SIMA!" I said hugging her. Kendra is usually late, so, we just got inside and played with dolls. Kendra soon after came in and I asked them a question that secretly was a plan. "So..I was wondering, want to come to my house? Bring your sisters, too! Especially Bianca, Uncle Harry is missing her so much!" I said to Sima and Kendra. "Sure!" They said at the same time, we laughed a lot.

  -Meagan POV-

  ~1 hour later~ "But daddy! I don't want to go to a new school!" I screamed while he was buckling me in the the car. I have been off a little after I stopped talking to my BFF Lux when I was in London for a trip, that's how we decided to move here. "You have to! There are to many storms in Saskatchewan, so now were here! Stop moving!" He said to me. We were Canadians and in London everyone is British with there ugly accent. I didn't talk for the rest of the ride. "We're here!" My daddy screamed while I saw the school. "It's BIG!" I screamed. I got out and my daddy put my backpack on me. We got in and I went to my class and kissed my daddy on the cheek and he left.


-Lux POV-

 *Knock Knock Knock* Oh really? We are watching Arthur here! Mrs.Prizon opened the door and it was a new student, and wait she looks familiar. "Lux?!" She screamed which I know knew was Meagan. "MEAGAN!" I screamed running to her and giving her a hug. "Well! A new friend and you have only been here for about 10 seconds!" Mrs.Prizon screamed. "How is Madi?" I asked Meagan as she sat down with me on the carpet. Keny and Simy went to do a special job for Mrs.Prizon. "Oh she's good but her aunty is in the hospital" She said sadly. I frowned and Keny and Simy came in. "Who's this Luxy?" Simy said pointing to Meagan, who I call Eggs. "This is Meagan, when she came to London once, we talked and became BFF's". I said laughing at the memories. "Hi I'm Kendra! But call me Keny" Kendra said shaking her hand. "And I'm Sima! But call me Simy!" Sima said hugging her. "Well, Keny, Simy, and I are bfffff, and I was wondering" I said looking at Kendra and Sima and they knew what I was going to say. *1, 2, 3* "Want to be our 4th musketeer?" We all said at the same time. "Sure, NO DUH!" She screamed.


~4 hours later~

"Oh before we leave, want to come to my house today? Keny and Simy called there mums at lunch, and there coming over with there sisters!" I exclaimed. "Sure I'll come over but I'll call my dad at your house, I can't wait to see Aunty Lou again!" She exclaimed meaning my mum. We went outside and got in my uncle Harry's car. "Hey girls and oh my god....MEAGAN!" He screamed. "Hi Uncle Harry!" She said back hugging him. "How's everything?" he said really excited starting the car and driving. "Good!" She said. We drove in silence and when we got there I told Uncle Harry that. "Uncle Harry! When you hear the bell it is Bianca or Vanessa" I said while Uncle Harry's eyes lit up to Bianca's name. "Who's Vanessa?" He said questioned. "Girly friend for Uncle Nialler" I said whispering, he nodded and left. Meagan called her dad and told him the news and he said yes, I talked to him, too! He missed me a lot. The doorbell rang and Uncle Harry looked dressed and got the door. "Hello gor-" He stopped realizing it's my mum. "Hey Harry" She said laughing and dropped her bags when she saw Meagan. "MEAGAN!" She said picking her up and hugging her. "Hey aunty Lou!".


~5 hours~

 About 5 hours later, everyone came and Uncle Nialler and Vanny (Vanessa) were talking a lot and flirting. I hope they start dating.


(A/N Hey guys, Nialler and Vanny will get updated on there relationship on the NEXT chapter! Haha hope you liked this one, it was crappy so it's ok if you don't like it! LOVE YOU GUYS XX)

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