Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


20. I'll give you a chance


Chapter 20

Harry POV


           I stared at Eleanor. "What does he mean I'm a DAD" I said in her face. "I'm so sorry Harry, I'm pregnant" She said staring at the floor. I was fuming, I punched the wall as hard as I could. "What the hell Eleanor, Why didn't you tell me first?!" I screamed in her face. "Because you would've hated me and I would lose you!" She screamed back, then I noticed everyone was gone. "You've already loosed me Eleanor" I said back at her, I ran upstairs to Louis. I knocked on the door, "Who is it?" he said obviously devastated. "Please let me in, it's me, Harry" I said in a pleading voice.

     Louis POV


         I got all of Eleanor and I photos and threw them on the ground and deleted all the photos of us on my phone. I heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I said still sobbing. "Please let me in, it's me, Harry" He said pleading. "Okay, come in" I said opening the door, leaping over the pieces of glass. When I opened the door, Harry came in and sat on the bed with his head on his hands. "Please forgive me! I was drunk and stupid and she didn't tell me she was pregnant" He said sobbing. I went and sat on the bed beside him, and hugged him. "I will forgive you, but I think I need to make a phone call" I said walking out of the room to the kitchen. I ringed Madison.



   "Hi Madi, it's Louis"

   "What do you want Louis?"

    "I think, I want you back"

    "Uh, sure Louis"

    "Can I sing you a song?"

    "Uh, sure"

    "I'm going to sing you Drunk by Ed Sheeran Madison, because I know it's your favorite song!"

    "Eeek! Who told you?"

    "Your friend Amelia, ha ha, hear it goes"

"I wanna be drunk when I wake up
On the right side of the wrong bed
And never an excuse I made up
Tell you the truth I hate
What didn't kill me
It never made me stronger at all.
Love will scar your make-up lip sticks to me
So now I'll maybe lean back there
I'm sat here wishing I was sober
I know I'll never hold you like I used to.

But our house gets cold when you cut the heating
Without you to hold I'll be freezing
Can't rely on my heart to beat in
'Cause you take parts of it every evening
Take words out of my mouth just from breathing
Replace with phrases like when you're leaving me.

Should I, should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love

I wanna hold your heart in both hands
Not watch it fizzle at the bottom of a Coke can
And I've got no plans for the weekend
So should we speak then
Keep it between friends
Though I know you'll never love me like you used to.

There maybe other people like us
Who see the flicker of the clipper when they light up
Flames just create us, burns don't heal like before
You don't hold me anymore.

On cold days cold play's out like the band's name
I know I can't heal things with a hand shake
You know I can't change as I began saying
You cut me wide open like landscape
Open bottles of beer but never champagne
To applaud you with the sound that my hands make.

Should I, should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love.

All by myself
I'm here again
All by myself
You know I'll never change
All by myself
All by myself
I'm just drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love."

    "I love you, Louis"

    "I love you, too. Now, will you give me a chance?"

    "Sure, anything for you Louis"


(A/N Lux will be in the next chap so don't worry about them, they went on......vacation?)

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