Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


4. Fan's house's

   When we were in the car WMYB came on. I only say "That's what makes you beautiful" because if I sang anything else it would song like "go ga ga go blah". We finally got to the first fan's house and Uncle Niall was holding me. *Ding Dong!* The door went after Uncle Z rang it. A fan opened it and she was speechless, she didn't scream at all...I liked her. I could walk now so when we got in I took off my shoes and gave her a hug. We signed autographs and we did a twitcam for everyone of them.


   We finally finished doing all the house's and we got home. When we got home Uncle Harry made me a twitter account, it was really funny seeing the pic of me with my hands on my head. Harry was the first one to follow me and he gave me a shout out to everyone who loved me.


"@harry_styles: hey guys! Whoever loves baby Lux can follow her on twitter that she just made! It's @Real_BabyLux. xx


   After I got about 300,000 followers in like 5 minutes. Harry then tweeted back for me..


  "@Real_BabyLux: @harry_styles Thanks the man with the curl and the best person in the whole wide world, I love you Uncle Harry!

     After Harry explained it to me I laughed so hard that I fell of the bed on to the softest carpet ever, it didn't even hurt because it was so comfy. After Uncle Harry and Uncle Zayn made my hair so pretty and it was so beautiful.

     After we all had Nandos because of Uncle Niall and then while we were watching toy story 3 I fell asleep in my daddy's arms who came to visit after he didn't see me in about 2 weeks because the we had to go to Toronto because of the boys. I hope we will have the best day tomorrow because we are going to the concert and the boys are talking to my mum of letting me on stage with them. Hehe.

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