Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


18. Eleanor come back!


Chapter 18

  -Madison POV-

     "Urm, no, sorry Louis" I said. Before you yell at me like 'oh my god why didn't you say yes'! I would've dated him, but the hate! That's why. "Wait w-what?" Louis said shocked with a tear streaming down his face. "I'm so sorry" I whispered. I ran out of the house and got my keys and drove home. I wiped a tear off my face when I got in.  Ugh! I'm so stupid, he would've helped me through the hate but no, I had to mess up. I hope he forgives me.

-Louis POV-

     "Urm, no, sorry Louis" she said to me with a straight face. "Wait w-what?" I said shocked and a tear on my face. Why me? What the hell did I do to her? I also let Eleanor out of my hands. I'm the stupidest guy ever. Worse than Adam, Adam is Lottie's Ex, and he put her through depression, it was horrible. "I'm so sorry" she said and ran off. I went back to the kitchen. "Excuse me guys, I'm going to go to bed now" I said heartbroken but with a fake smile. Harry automatically knew something was up. "Urm, excuse me, too" he said walking to me and taking me upstairs. He shut the door behind us, so, no one could hear. "What happened mate?" Harry said hugging me. "Madison s-sai-said n-" I said but Harry interrupted me. "SPIT IT OUT!" He screamed at me. "Madison said no!" I screamed back and got into my car and called Eleanor.


"Hey babe, it's Louis"

"I'm not your babe anymore, what's up?"

"What did I do?"

"What do you mean?"

"What did I do to make you break up with me Eleanor? For bloody sake, I loved you!"

"I loved you, too but someone sent me a email that your cheating on me! It's not my bloody fault that you cheated Louis!"

"I did not cheat on you! I loved you! I just want you back!"

"Fine, I'll come over tomorrow and you can talk to me tomorrow"

"Bye l-" Just as I was finishing my word she hung up! I looked outside and it was raining. I ran inside the house and waited for someone to open the door. Harry opened it and apologized. "It's okay mate" I said hugging him.

   Someone ringed the doorbell and I opened it. It was Eleanor. "I thought you were coming tomorrow" I said trying to kiss her cheek. She pulled away. "I need to talk to you Louis" She said in a stern voice. We walked inside and she close the door behind us.

    "I'm pregnant" She said to me. I froze, "Who the hell did this Eleanor?!" I screamed at her. "Don't scream at me, because it was BLOODY you!" She said. "W-what?" Was all I said.



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