Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


21. Day out with 'The Sexy Tommo'

   Chapter 21

Madison POV


      ~the next day~


     When I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed and very happy. Then I remembered, I'm dating the man that I've always loved for his personality! He is such a sweetheart the way he sang to me, oh my god! I got up and went to my bathroom and started brushing my teeth. Half way threw, I heard a beep on my phone, I ran with my toothbrush in my mouth and checked who it was. It was Louis. I still hadn't changed his name!

From: The Sexy Tommo<3

  'Hey Madison! I wondered if you want to go out to breakfast with me in 20 minutes?'

To: The sexy Tommo<3

   'Sure babe, I'll be ready and waiting ;)'

From: The Sexy Tommo<3

    'You drive me crazy, haha, see you soon babe! Loveee youuu!'


    I looked down and saw I still wasn't ready and I was still brushing my teeth, I brushed my teeth as quick as I could. I let my blond hair down in my natural waves, I put on a blue tank top, that is short in the front and long in the back. I also put on a black waistband and white skirt because it was blazing outside. I also put on some black mascara with golden eyeshadow to show my baby blue eyes. Don't forget the red lipstick. I got my coach purse and my sandals that my mom got me before she died. I really don't want to talk about it, or heck, even think about it. (her outfit - Oh wow, 10 minutes to spare. I went downstairs and started watching 'Matilda'. Ahh, a classic.


    -10 minutes later-

    While Matilda was at the library, the doorbell rang, I turned off the movie and jumped up straightening my cloths and opened the door. Louis was there with roses, that boy. "Aww Louis! You shouldn't have!" I said kissing him on the cheek while we walked out. Straight away the paps came. Louis saw the shock in my eyes and helped me in. I started panicking a little, I'm going to get so much hate! Louis must've read my mind, "Babe, don't worry, your not going to get any hate" he said making me look at him. We looked into each others eyes, and we kissed. That got butterflies in my stomach. I bit my lip and Louis coughed and we both looked forward. I started smiling. Best kiss ever.  






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