Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


9. Dating, Dating

   (A/N Hey guys! I will now update ever 4-5 days because of stupid homework dammit! And this is the chapter where we make cupcakes and MEAGAN comes, In the next chapter........! She's awesome and so are Kendra and Sima)


  ~1 hour later~

    I got ready and went to my uncles room. "You guys! Me want to go to Sima house!". (A/N she can't speak THAT well) "Erm..Lux..Who's Sima?" Uncle Harry asked. "That's is my new friendy!" I screamed proudly. Uncle Harry's eyes lit up, I think he wants to talk to my friends sisters..Uncle H can be weird sometimes. Uncle Louis and Uncle Niall helped me get dressed. I wore a purple shirt that had a green frog on it and green shorts. "Ok let's go!" Uncle Liam exclaimed. We got in the car and I got buckled up we started driving.

~20 minutes later~

  We finally got there and Kendra was already there. We rang the doorbell and Kendra sister was there and she opened the door and she froze and Harry blushed a little and hid his face. "Um..H-Hi" Kendra sister Bianca answered. Her and Harry were the same age so I just got in and went to sit with them. A while later harry came in and said to me the other boys left. I nodded and we made cupcakes with Bianca and Harry. They kept flirting and Keny(Kendra), Simy(Sima), and me walked away and we waited until they were done.

~40 minutes later~

  It was about 10 minutes and we walked in and we stopped dead in our tracks when we saw them kissing. They stopped and stared at us and we were on the floor laughing so hard. We walked in front of them and told them about the cupcakes. "Oh...right" Uncle H said. "Erm...Bianca can I talk to you in private?" Uncle harry said grabbing her hand. "Sure?" She said following him. We got bored and went to them to see what they were doing. "Well....ah....erm, wanna go-" he got interrupted by Simy sneezing and he stared at us. He pointed to the door and told us to go we just walked away and watched some Caillou, my favorite show! They then walked out hand in hand and we yelled "Awwww!". "Okay girls let's go bake the cupcakes I just got to check my twitter" We got the cupcakes and while we were decorating them, Bianca's phone dinged. She checked it and she showed us.

"@Harry_Styles: Now in a relationship with the beautiful person who @Baby_BabyLux showed me! No hate please, she's beautiful and nice. Love you @BiancaThompsonishere"

  -Bianca POV-

 When harry asked me out it was like my heart exploded, it was so sweet and when they barged in on us I was thankful because I was nervous there. When my phone dinged and I saw that I had butterflies. I already had about 2005 new followers and some hate messages, I brushed it off. Harry walked threw the door and I gave him a peck on the lips. "You shouldn't have babe, now there going to hate on me". I pratically screamed and trying to be sweet the same time. "I like your irish accent" he said into my neck while I was decorating. "Well you will like this, too" I pouted my lips and he saw and did the same thing as he was coming in I got a cupcake and smeared it on his fake. "Really funny babe" He sarcastically said. "But it's payback time" He smirked evily with 4 eggs in his hands and the rest of the batter in his hands. "You wouldn't" I glared at him. "Oh sweetie I would!" He said sweetly running after me as I ran. "Ahh! Harry!" I said running, I finally hit a dead end and saw the girls laughing and Harry smirking evily at me. "Well, lets start now" He said cracking the eggs on my hair and puting the batter all over me. "I need a hug!" I said hugging him. I stopped and smirked evily and ran. He looked confused and then he looked down. "You win...this time" He said.

   ~2 hours later~

  -Harry's POV-

  "Time to go home Lux!" I said picking her up as we walked to the door. "WAIT!" Bianca called out. I turned around. "Can you drop me and Kendra off at our house? We have no ride back she said picking up Kendra. "Sure but we got to take her to bed" I said pointing to Lux sleeping. I looked down at my watch and said. "Oh shoot!" I screamed. "What? WHAT!" Bianca screamed. "I have to soo get a watch" I said laughing, she slapped my arm and we said our byes and got in the car. I just love her to much to lose her. 


~15 hours later~

-Lux POV-

  I woke up to the sun in my face and I sighed. I got out of my bed and woke up my mummy to wake me up and she got up and brushed my teeth and and got dressed. I went and ate my pancakes and when I finished I got my shoes on and went to the car and waited for my mummy. "Hurry up mummy!" I screamed. "I'm coming, I'm coming" She said locking the doors.







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