Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


5. Concert

   It is finally my Uncle's concert! Though, before we went because it takes a hour to get there and a hour to rehearse my uncles came to me. "Hey Lux!" Uncle Louis said to me. "Want to come on stage with us?" Uncle L said. I got down off the couch, nodded and started dancing to Elmo. We ate and Uncle Zayn styled my hair into his kind of hair.

   We finally got there and I stayed backstage with my mum because I was scared to go up there even if there was no one there, when they were singing my mum was dancing with me it was so funny. It was about 10 minutes to show time and my mum was styling there hair as fast she could. It was finally for them to come up and I didn't go I was to scared still. After there first song Uncle N said "One second guys!" He ran off stage and came to me and he picked me up and brought me outside. Everyone were saying "aww" when I got on. I giggled and then they started singing WMYB. I kind of danced and when it was that's what makes you beautiful Uncle Z picked me up and I sang that part.

  We did the twitter questions and it was the end we ran off stage and my mum hugged me and said "you did great sweetie!". "even better than your uncles" she whispered to me we both laughed. Also I saw from a distance Uncle Paul! "UNCLE PAUL! UNCLE PAUL!" I screamed running to him and he picked me up and hugged me! I missed him so much! Also, tomorrow we are doing a twitcam again! Ha ha.

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