Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...



     After everyone came back! Aunty Ely, Uncle Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall! Though, Liam wasn't there, all day I waited at the door and it was getting late, just as I was about to shut my eyes I saw a bright light. "UNCLE LIAM!" I shouted jumping up and down grabbing everybody's attention. I opened the door with help from Uncle Louis and ran and hugged Uncle Liam. Aunty Dani was sitting by her self in the corner of the living room, I swear I saw a tear. Uncle Liam put me down when he saw Aunty Dani. He got full of rage and went upstairs and slammed the door in the bathroom. I went upstairs and I heard him crying, it made me cry. Uncle Liam picked me up and asked me why I was crying. All I did was point at him and say "please no cry". It was heartbreaking seeing that. We went downstairs and Aunty Dani and Uncle had a discussion in the kitchen.


   A little while after they came back hand in hand. I smiled and clapped my hands like a monkey. It was soon after to fall asleep, and tomorrow we had to wake up at 9:00am to decorate for Uncle Liam's birthday! It is going to be a blast!


   I woke up to Aunty Dani and Aunty Elly tickling me until I woke up. I woke up took there hands and they took me a shower. We all changed into beautiful party dresses and were careful not to wake up Uncle Liam while waking up the others. I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks as I didn't see my mummy at the kitchen as she was always. I started crying and yelled "Mummy! Mummy!" 10 seconds later my mummy came out of the washroom slowly and scared the living daylights out of me. I laughed and hugged her. We all went to the restaurant that we were having the birthday and decorated, us girls, got the cake and gave it to the worker to give it when we told her to give it when at 8:00.


   We woke up Liam and gave him a big hug. We told him to get dressed up and meet us in the living room. He asked why but we ignored him. About 15 minutes later he got ready and we all jumped off the couch and blindfolded him and put him in the car. We got to the destination and I got to take off the blindfold. He opened his eyes and saw we were at "Cosmo" and hugged everyone of us but kissed Aunty D. I made a BLEH face and everyone laughed. We got in and fans kept rolling in but they left soon after and we waited for everyone to come. About 5 minutes later everyone was here. We ordered our big meal and ate like we haven't eaten in a log time. It was funny seeing Uncle Niall eat, he ate like a pig.


   After we finished eating it was around 8:00 and I saw the girl come with the cake and we sang the happy birthday song. Liam cried out happy tears. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. We cut the cake and ate it, we mostly ate all of it. Ha Ha. We opened presents but one present made Liam cry of happy tears. He opened it and found the first time he signed up for the xFactorUK it was from the girls and me. We ran and hugged Uncle Liam and we put cake on his face. Ha Ha. After a long day we went home, took a shower, watched toy story 3, and slept. This was the best day EVER!


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