Take a chance

Brook , Rachel & Rowan, the three bestfriends always dreamed of meeting one direction, but there wildest dream was about to come true. READ for more :)


6. Tour terror

Nialls P.O.V

"Guys grab your bags, and get to the bus asap" Paul instructed.on the out side im cool, but on the inside im jumping its so exciting.Rowan Rachel and Brook just got here and there all smiles but i can tell they are kinda nerves.Rowan looks really worried, shes putting on a fake smile i can tell."Who's ready for a world tour?" Harry said excitingly."ME" everyone yelled at once, its finally here our up all night tour, we werent supposed to go untill december but the tickets got printed wrong so we have to leave now, eh either way its going to be amazing!

Rowans P.O.V

We arrived at the guys appartment, just about to leave for the bus when harry shouts " who's ready for a world tour?" everyone screams " me". The tour is here! finally, but i have a really bad feeling that something is going to go wrong, like really wrong. im scared.

I know i have nothing to worry about, but i just dont want anything to go bad espcially since this is the first time somethings ever gone good in my life.


we were two months into the tour when i got a phone call off a blocked number "Hello" i answered casually " yeh hi, im zoe nialls ex girlfriend stay the fuck away from him, he's still mine! i swear to god if you ever touch him again your done with and trust me i can make it happen" she hangs up, i can feel tears forming in my eyes what the fuck were did that come from? like really weve been together for 3 months nearly and you call now.

I decide not to tell niall or the guys. i tell rachel and brook whilst the boys are at the studio, they look worried when i tell them because they have had the same call but off girls called Jessica and Lisa... we decide to ask the boys if they knew who they were, they said no they have never even heard of them before so we just brush it off for now.

Later that day i get a call off a blocked number again " hello" " shut up bitch, its Zoe yes me, i told you to stay away from niall what the fuck are you doing? watching bambi with him" she hung up..how did she know i was watching bambi? i get up and run to the girls and tell them they freak out. we tell paul and all the guys what happened they get scared and worried, we think someone else is on the bus...



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