Take a chance

Brook , Rachel & Rowan, the three bestfriends always dreamed of meeting one direction, but there wildest dream was about to come true. READ for more :)


4. Party Party Party

Brooks P.O.V

Zayn and I talked 24/7 it was amazing. I have a feeling this party is going to be epic.

"Brook, Who are you texting?" Rowan winked at me, "uhm just a friend" I couldnt tell her it was zayn she would know something was us and then would want to know how i got his number.

...............(2 days later)...................

Rowans P.O.V

It was my birthday, im finally 18. The girls planned a party for me, and said they had a suprise? i hate suprises it better be worth it. my party was at 7 at it was 5. " time to get ready" Rachel shouted up at me. This time im letting them pick my out fit, im going to regret this. 

Brook came up stairs smiling with the most beautiful one strap above knee fluro pink dress and pink heels i had ever seen im my life. "Are you wearing that?" i asked, "No, but you are" She smiled at me. I couldnt help but let out a little squeal. Brook curled my hair and left it down it sat perfectly. Rachel wouldnt let me wear make up and i dont know why. The girls had finished getting the house ready and got dressed. I wasent allowed downstairs untill the party started.

Rachel yelled at me to come down, so i did and people were already here, i got a few happy birthdays and hugs. The door bell rang , so i put on a smile and answered it.

I opended the door and i couldnt help but smile. Niall and the boys were standing there looking as hot as ever. "Hey Beautiful" Niall smiled and gave me a hug, i hugged the rest of the guys and invited them in. How did they know? i looked at rachel and brook and they were smiling like they planned it..omg they invited them..but how?

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" all the guys screamed in my face i just laughed.

Nialls P.O.V

I knocked on her door anxiously, when she opended it my heart raced she looked amazing. "hey beautiful" i smiled and gave her a hug, she invited us in so the boys and i all looked at each other and yelled happy birthday. she looked suprised as she laughed. Take it the girls hadent told her yet.

Harry came over to me and said " look at rachel, she looks amazing" he smiled and walked off and gave her a hug and they talked for a while. I over heard Zayn talking to brook " i have to say, you look beautiful tonight babe" she blushed. Yep, zayn and harry were head over heels for these girls.

"Hows your night going?" I asked Rowan since she was looking down. "huh? oh yeh it just got a whole lot better thanks" She smiled and winked at me. I think shes the one.


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