Take a chance

Brook , Rachel & Rowan, the three bestfriends always dreamed of meeting one direction, but there wildest dream was about to come true. READ for more :)


3. Next Day.

Rachels P.O.V

Last night was truley amazing, we danced with the biggest boy band in the world.

Rowan was on her laptop still dissapointed that she didnt get nialls number, Brook was upstairs having a shower. "Hey rachel, do you think i could find nialls number online?" Rowan said she looked pretty interested. "uhm, i dont think so there is alot of fake numbers" i lied to her. Her face just dropped i felt bad but brook and i already had a plan. I knew exactly how to get his number, Since rowan didnt have twitter i tweeted niall " Hey, i dont know if you will remember us but last night in the club? you bought my friend a drink and we danced with you for the rest of the night if you do remember heres my number- 778937532133". I hope he does remember us. 

Brook came running down stairs in trackies and a singlet with her wet hair tied up in a bun, "Rowan, Showers Free" She smiled. "haha okay, thanks" Rowan ran upstairs. "okay, so i tweeted niall my number and if he texts us im going to invite him and the boys over for Rowans 18th birthday party in 3 days" I shot brook a smile. "Sounds great!" She said back laughing.

Nialls P.O.V

"Wake up" I screamed at the guys from the other side of the room.

Once everyone was awake harry made us all a Omlet each, they were so good!

"Last night was amazing"I said, they all nodded their heads. I couldnt stop thinking about Rowan ever since i hugged her when she got in the cab. i regretted not getting her  number but i guess it was too late now.

"NIALL" I heard Zayn scream from the lounge room. "someone tweeted you saying they were in the club with us last night. i think it was the girls we danced with" He said smiling. My heart began to race as i was reading it. I didnt hesitate to text the number "Hey, its Niall from the club last night" It sent and i got a reply straight away. "Hey i didnt actually think you would remember us this is Rachel and Brook btw Rowans friends, her 18th birthday party is in 3 days if you and the guys want to come? i know she would like it".  I told the guys, they all smiled and said yes. "The guys and i would love to come just text me the address and we will be there" i replied. I could tell i wasent the only person love struck from last night, Zayn and Harry stole Rachels number and started texting her. Rachel gave Zayn Brooks Number. Im pretty sure Harry liked Rachel and Zayn Liked Brook? im not sure yet tho. "Hey uhm Harry Zayn, What do you think of the girls?" I smiled. "They all seemed really nice, but Omg Brook she wasent like any other girl i had met, she was smiling and laughing the hole night" Zayn started to blush asoon as he said Brooks name, "Yeh they were nice, Especially Rachel she was something special" Harry smiled. I got a text  it was Rachel&Brook " 789 Pullys Ave, Central London at 7pm Thursday 18th March". "See you there" I replied. " GUYS WERE GOING TO A PARTY" I screamed they all ran and jumped on me. God I love these guys.

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