Take a chance

Brook , Rachel & Rowan, the three bestfriends always dreamed of meeting one direction, but there wildest dream was about to come true. READ for more :)


7. Gut Feeling

Rowans P.O.V

About 2 days passed with out any phone calls, but everyone was still scared out of their minds.

We havent left the tour bus for 3 days so if someone was in here they would still be, thats the scary thing that someone is watching us.We Came to a stop in Manchester and everyone except me and niall stayed in.  I got a phone call Niall answered " Hello Niall Speaking" " Oh hey,  this is Zoe tell Ro-" She couldnt even finish before niall cut her off "okay so your the girl thats been calling tell her to stay away from me? the one that knows every step we are making and what we are doing 24/7 how do you know that?" He finished and sounded angry " Turn around" that time we heard the voice twice. Niall Stood Up and turned around quickly, a Tall brown haired girl with dark green eyes was standing there, she had a knife in her pocket. "who are you? what do you want" I was scared. "im here for niall, i want him" She replied sounding confident. "NO. now get out oof my tour bus." Niall basically screamed, im pretty sure the guys were just outside of the bus because they ran in asking what was wrong then they saw zoe, standing there, she pulled out her knife and slashed the back of my leg, i fell screaming in agony. One of the boys must of texted paul because he ran in asking who she was. " Make another move, and she will get it, got me?" "get out now!" harry screamed at her. At this point i was getting dizzy and felt sick from the loss of blood and the pain. Out of the corner of my eye i could see brook and rachel approching Zoe from behind, they had my suit case and hit her over the head with it whilst the boys pounched on her holding her down on the floor, They must of forgetten she had a knife. all i heard was Louis screaming in pain, and sirens then everything was black.

Brooks P.O.V

I heard the guys screaming and then a un familiar voice rachel and i peaked out the door and saw rowan on the floor with blood around her leg, the boys looking scared and a girl with brown hair holding a knife.. ITS ZOE, the girl thats been calling us. we grabbed the first thing we could, a suit case as we were tip toeing down the hall of the bus rowan must of seen us because she smiled, we didnt know what to do so we just hit zoe's head, then the boys all jumped on her, didnt she have a knife? eh i cant remember...louis screamed then we noticed blood on his stomach. shit she stabbed lou too...the police and ambulance arrived and took them to the hospital and arrested zoe. everything was great just a week ago and now a crazy fan wanted us dead? why? i dont understand.

Rowans P.O.V

I woke up in  the hospital, my leg had stitches in it and i was alone. I turned the news on "Crazed fan Zoe Walker snook onto the one direction tour bus and stabbed louis tomlinson and Niall horans girlfriend, the police arrested her but she escaped from the car and ran" At that point i was freaking out my heart was getting faster and faster i needed to get out of here.

i saw a shadow at my door, i was almost in tears it was Zoe, "Hi Rowan, im back"

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