Take a chance

Brook , Rachel & Rowan, the three bestfriends always dreamed of meeting one direction, but there wildest dream was about to come true. READ for more :)


2. Best Night Of Our Lives.

Brooks P.O.V

Since tonight was the first night we were all together, we decided to go out to a club.

We lived in the centre of London so there were like 10 to choose from, we ended up settling for BoomPash, Since it was only a 10 minute walk away.

Rowan was our little stylist always has been, so she picked our outfits, shoes styled out hair and did our make up.

She chose a pink and black above knee dress for me with black heels, curled my long blonde hair and pinned it to one side. She gave Rachel a electric blue strapless above knee dress with blue heels, straightenend her shoulder length blondy brownish hair.

Rowan hadent even picked out her outfit yet, she always made sure we looked perfect first.

Rowan was wearing a Black strapless fitted dress with a white belt and black flats. She never needed to wear heels as she was taller than we were even when we were wearing heels. She left her red hair natural because it was already curly.

"Ready Girls?" Rachel screamed as we were walking down the road. "READY!" Rowan & I yelled in sync.

Rachel's face lit up as we walked in the club, it was amazing the music was so loud the room was basically shaking! The disco themed lights were blinding but we didnt even care, tonight was going to be a night to remember.

Rowans P.O.V

I danced for about 30 minutes straight and decided it was time for a break, i went to the bar and ordered and Rainbow shot, it was a berry vodka. I was giving the bar tender a 5 pound note when i heard a voice say "Its on me" and gave the bar tender money. I could not believe it, a guy just bought me a drink, ME! ive never had any look with guys, it was always Brook and Rachel that got the guys i just helped. "Hi, Im Niall" the guy that bought me the drink shot me a smile, his blonde hair blue eyes and irish accent rang a bell...OMG it couldnt be, Niall Horan? from one direction. "Hey, Im Rowan" I sounded Nervous when i introduced my self, who wouldnt? "Want to dance" Niall said softly in my ear, I took my shot and went to the dance floor. 

He put his hands around my waist and started to dance, i couldnt help but smile. I was dancing with Niall from One Direction. "NIAAAAAAALLLLLL" i heard another familiar voice yell from the other side of the club, then 4 boys came running over. Oh My God! It was Louis Harry Zayn and Liam, i couldnt breathe, Trying to play it cool i introduced my self " Hey, Im Rowan" They all smiled and said hey. They knew that i knew who they were so they didnt bother introducing their selves. "Are you here alone?" Louis whispered in my ear. "No,my bestfriends are just over there" I pointed to Rachel and Brook, who were looking at me with huge smiles, they ran over to me because they saw who i was dancing with. "Omg, is it? no it cant be? wait it is! your one direction" Rachel screamed, "Haha, yeah we are,"Harry laughed. 

We Danced with the boys for the rest of the night, Niall called me a taxi and gave me a hug good bye as i was climbing in. The taxi pulled up outside my house "Shit" i think i said it abit loud because the girls heard. "What is it?" Brook looked worried, "I didnt get Nialls Number!" at this point my head was in my hands and i was laughing. "Awh, it doesnt matter, we have the memories" Rachel said smiling.

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