Take a chance

Brook , Rachel & Rowan, the three bestfriends always dreamed of meeting one direction, but there wildest dream was about to come true. READ for more :)


1. If Only.

Authors Note; Hey Guys :) This is my first ever Fanfic i know it isnt as good as the others but i tried my hardest.


Rowans P.O.V



"ROWAAAAAAN" i heard a familer voice call from down stairs it was Brook!

She had been my bestfriend for 4 years now we always had fun together, I got up to run down stairs and then suddenly my face was covered with blonde hair. We fell on the floor laughing at each other, her blue eyes were filled with excitement, it was like she was hiding something big from me, which wasent a suprise

"Brook, What did you do this time?" i shot her a huge smile. "Go into the kitchen, NOW!" She yelled at me whilst she was standing up. Grabbing my arm she pulled me into the kitchen.

"RACHEL" I screamed as i was pulled into the kitchen, Rachel was our other bestfriend all through highschool we were the 3 muskateers always together you couldnt seperate us, Her Browny Blonde hair flicked in my face i hadent seen her in about 4 months after she moved to  Melbourne. "Rowan, i missed you and Brook so much that mum let me move out and get a house here in perth! since my 18th birthday was last week i decided to come and stay with you and brook for a while untill i find my own place" She said in excitement, All our birthdays were no more than 2 weeks apart , Brook turned 18 last week so did Rachel and i turn 18 in 4 days!

I had the best idea, we had a extra bedroom in the house she could just live with us! it will be like old times. " Just live here with us? we have a extra bedroom!" i basically screamed in her face. "Yeh come on! we can be the 3 muskateers again and fangirl together!" Brook said just after me, " yeah, i suppose it couldnt hurt" Rachel's face lit up as those words came out of her mouth. We all screamed and jumped around in excite ment.

Brook turned on the radio so we would have something to dance to, "ive tried playing it cool, but when im looking at you" Those familiar words started to play. we fangirled for about 30 seconds then started to dance and sing to One Thing by our Favourite band one direction.

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