Silently Struggling

The silent struggle of a teenager.


1. ---

I stood alone in a room 

in my hand I held my escape 

I'm fine, they'd assume

I dug the knife into my skin leaving behind a large scrape


I sat at lunch surrounded by lies

The 'friends' I had would leave if they knew the truth

I have covered my scares from prying eyes

That was the issue with todays youth 


I put on my fake smile like I would my makeup

Though it was all just an act 

Some days it was almost to much

That is why me and him made a suicide pact 


We would go out together

A Romeo and Juliet type of ending 

Our friend tried to stop us, poor Heather 

but our plan was unbending 


I woke up the day of our pact 

I dolled myself to perfection 

to find that he had packed 

it made my heart burn with rejection


I ran to dear Heather 

with tear cascading out of my eyes 

she treated me like a feather 

she treated me with such care and told no lies 


12 years have passed

Heather helped me realize

that he was just in my past

she was there for me giving me her sympathize


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