1 Girl, 5 Boys, One Love

The names Arianna, I act like the world is a fantasy and that nothing can go wrong. And so you probably think I'm this sweet girl with a perfect life. Well, you're most definately wrong. I ran away from home with my best friend. And my life gets pretty hectic. Living in a house with 5 teenage boys, and being the only girl. Oh yeah, it gets crazy.


4. Welcome Home

Zayn held my hand the whole ride there, he could tell I was nervous about the whole, moving in thing. I just looked out my passanger window looking at the lifeless streets. I just glanced at the closed shops and the very few people roaming the city.

 I can't believe that I'm finally moving away from all my troubles. What if his friends don't like me?  I'm not the best person at making friends, and I'm incredibly shy. I knew that his mates were very obnoxious and loud, and they would probably think I'm a boring stick in the mud.

The 2 hours were finally over and we pulled up to this huge house, and when I say huge, I mean HUGE. By the time we arrived it was 12 a.m. and everyone in the house was asleep. Zayn helped me with my suitcases and helped me move them into the guest room. I plopped into bed, not even caring that I had my clothes still on.

"Are you really that tired Arianna?" He chuckled a little when he said that. I just nodded. So, Zayn assisted me a little. He took my shoes and socks off, then my coat then shirt leaving me with my jeans and tank top on. He kissed my forehead and said "welcome home."

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