1 Girl, 5 Boys, One Love

The names Arianna, I act like the world is a fantasy and that nothing can go wrong. And so you probably think I'm this sweet girl with a perfect life. Well, you're most definately wrong. I ran away from home with my best friend. And my life gets pretty hectic. Living in a house with 5 teenage boys, and being the only girl. Oh yeah, it gets crazy.


8. Lovely....awakening

Louis's P.O.V.

I woke to the sound of my duck alarm clock. I don't know why I chose that sound, maybe cause it pisses me off every morning that it prevents me from going back to sleep. With that I rolled off my bed and started to head downstairs.

I wonder if Arianna's up yet, I thought to myself. I crept down the hall to poke my head into her room, only to find her fast asleep. Being to cheeky guy I am, I decided I'd pull a little prank on her.

Swiftly making my way under the bed, I called Arianna's cell once I was under. Her ringtone of the script rang throughout the room, then her groaning suddenly after. As soon as she answered the phone I hung up.

"Ughhhh! dammit Louis!" I tried to hold in my laughter so she wouldn't spot me.

The bed was creaking with every movement  and eventually she swung her feet over the side of the bed to stand. And that's when I made my move. 

I grabbed Anna's leg causing her to shriek and eventually topple over on the ground. I busted out in tears from laughing so hard, and that's when she realized who 'the monster' was.

"LOUIS I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!" And that was my cue to leave. I squirmed out from under the bed and made a break for it, only to be tackled by Arianna.

I was laid out on my back while she was sitting on top of me. "Really...why do you have to be such a bum?" she jokingly asked. I replied cheekily with, "Cause it's quite funny getting you scared." She giggled and made her way to the bathroom for a shower. 

Since it was 5 a.m. I assumed I was the only one up and about, but when I got to the kitchen to get something to drink, I saw Zayn chilling on the kitchen stool. 

I looked at him confused obviously cause this lazy boy gets up at around noon regularly. And that's when he opened his mouth. 

"Listen mate......"


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