1 Girl, 5 Boys, One Love

The names Arianna, I act like the world is a fantasy and that nothing can go wrong. And so you probably think I'm this sweet girl with a perfect life. Well, you're most definately wrong. I ran away from home with my best friend. And my life gets pretty hectic. Living in a house with 5 teenage boys, and being the only girl. Oh yeah, it gets crazy.


1. Drunk...Again

I'm hiding in the corner of my room, my arms wrapped around my legs and my head on my knees, sobbing. I try to look around my room, but all I see are the shadowy figures of my bed and dresser. It's pitch black and the only light I have is the streetlight peeking through my room.

Why am I crying in the corner of my room you may ask?

Well, once again my step-dad has been drinking, and that leads to nothing but trouble. He's downstairs throwing everything out of the freezer onto the floor, while yelling about how dirty the house is and how he hates cleaning. Don't ask me why because I surely don't know. Yesterday he bought 20 doughnuts home and kept falling down the stairs, once again because of him being drunk.

And I know what you're thinking, what's so bad about a drunk loon in your house?

Well, if you must know, my step-dad got arrested for beating my mother because he was drunk. So, if you haven't caught on by now, you should know that him being drunk is never a good thing.

My phone vibrates and flashes, showing that someone texted me.

Zayn x- Hey Dodge!

Me- hey

Zayn x- 'hey' all you say is 'hey'! oh no meet me at 'jello' in 10 min.

Me- kk

Just so you know, Zayn is my best friend, ever since we were 6. It's really cool to have a best friend that's famous.

Woah, what did she say, famous?

Yeah you heard me right. I'm best friends with the magical Zayn Malik of One Direction. But, to me he's my Crash, and I'm his Dodge.

He finally got off of his world tour and is back home to spend time with family and friends. It's pretty funny how he can tell when I'm upset, well that's what friends are for. Right.

But right now It's time to sneak out the house. I have become a master at sneaking out, so I eventually bought a roll-up ladder so I don't pass through my family. I let the ladder un-roll down the side of the house hanging from my window. Once I reach the bottom I wish my mom and brother good-luck, and walk off into the night.

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