I Think I Love You.

It was a normal day for 18 year old Braelyn in London, until she finds herself madly in love with the wrong guy, Harry Styles.


1. Rain.

"Mom and dad I'm home!" I ran upstairs and into my room. I was drenched from a running home from my best friend Kim's house. I decided to throw on sweats and a tee shirt. I walk into Chloe's room. She is my twin sister. "Hey do you want to watch a movie?" I say with a little enthusam so she knows I'm serious. "Sure! Want to watch the 1D live tour DVD?" "Are you serious Chloe? We watched that this morning!" "Brae, we both are obsessed with them, who cares?" "Your right Chlo, lets go! We should tweet the boys to see if they will respond." I knew in my head that one of them will respond to me. I have all five following me. Both of us walk downstairs. As Chloe sets up the movie, I sit on the couch waiting for my computer to start up and play with my "I <3 NIALL" braclet. Chloe had bought it for me for our birthday. The funny thing was I had bought her a "I <3 HARRY" one for our birthday too. As soon as the movie started we blasted the tv and bursted out into song. I was suprised that mom and dad didn't complain because of our loudness. Having a big house meant more echos, so we were all ways getting in trouble. Just about halfway into Everything About You, the lights started to flicker. Then, they went out. "Chlo, did you do that....?" "No, did you do that Brae...?" "No....." We both screamed as loud as we can in fear. I turned on my laptop and logged into twitter. I tweeted, "HELP ME! Powers out! Eep!" As I was going through my feed, I recieved a notification. "@harry_styles: I'll help you love! Meet me in Nandos in London. Lol :) xx harry" OMG. HARRY STYLES SAID FOR ME TO MEET HIM AT NANDOS. I quickly responded, "I'll be there in five! With my sister. Lol xx :)" "Hey Chlo, wanna come with me to Nandos? Like now? Wear something nice." "Um sure Brae. But-" "No time for questions hurry!" We got ready as quick as we can. Mom and dad doesn't let us drive at night, so we decided to walk. We both completly forgot that it was down pooring outside. When we got to Nandos, Harry was calling out to us, "Hey do you know who braelynjohnson is on twitter?" Chloe wispered to me," WHY THE HELL IS HARRY STYLES ASKING US IF HE KNEW YOUR TWITTER?" I responded to Harry, "That's me!" "Well hello love! Why dont we can go inside so you can dry off. Wouldn't want a beautiful girl like you to get sick." HOLY SHIT, HARRY STYLES IS CALLING ME BEAUTIFUL. Wait, I love Niall, but ever since Harry said that about 4 seconds ago I'm starting to fall for him... Help.
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