Meeting Justin Bieber

A girl gets a chance to meet the one and only justin bieber


1. Meeting Justin Bieber

'If I was your boyfriend...' I screamed. I reached for the volume button on the radio but my mum slapped my hand away. 'What?' I said desperately.

I had to listen to this. I am Justin Bieber's biggest fan, and if his new song is on the radio I have to listen.

I reached for the button and my mum shouted 'CALLIE! I said no, I'm bleeding sick of this song already' 

'But Mu-um, it's. Justin. Bieber.' The song was already at the chorus so I tried a different tactic; I started singing at the top of my voice. ‘IF I WAS YOUR BOYFRIEND, NEVER LET YOU GOOOOOOO’

‘Callie, be quiet of or I’m turning round and taking you right home.’

‘Mum you seriously can’t do that. I have to meet Saff NOW! So get moving.’

Saff had rung me earlier that day saying that It was completely urgent that I met her at the Nando’s restaurant in town at 1o’clock. It was very short notice but I managed to bag a lift and some money from my mum. I was really glad she rang me as well because she had seemed really off lately.

Just as we pulled up outside Nando’s I noticed the huge crowd outside, this was really unusual because there is nothing remotely special about the restaurant at all. Through all the people I could see Saff and she was looking extremely glamorous which was quite unusual for her as she doesn’t normally care about looking super glam if were going out.

‘Bye Mum’ I called as my mum pulled away in the car.

‘Hey Callie, have you seen all these people, crazy, right?’ she asked with an unusual smile on her face.

‘Yeah, let’s go in’ I suggested feeling rather anxious with all these people around.

‘Okay, but so you’re not as shocked when we get in, I’ve brought along a special friend’

I didn’t reply as I was too busy hoping it was Tommy from school who I’d had a crush on since forever. As I walked in I saw a familiar face, we were walking towards him, I couldn’t believe it there he was, Justin Bieber.

‘Hey’ was all he said before I fainted.



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