The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


22. What Are You Doing Here?

   The numbing shock of Dad's words finally set in. He was finally being a caring father. But in the down right worst way possible. It's clear that he knows who killed mom, we both know that and we both want to protect Cody from prison. The only difference is that I'm lying for the good of all three of us and he is lying for the good of Cody and I. If these were different circumstances I would have been proud of him, in this case however, I'm under the assumption that he lost his marbles.

   "I killed her." he repeated.

   "Who are you?" the officer asks.

   "He's my dad," Cody interjects, "He was there when mom went into her tantrum, he was only trying to protect me." he lies.

   "Well then, I'm glad we settled this." The officer sighs, "Sir, your under arrest for the murder of your wife. Your punishment will be a 15 year sentence in prison."

   I sat in silence, watching as my dad is handcuffed and walked out of the room. Mentally beating myself up for not trying to safe him. I glanced at Cody, his face showed no emotion what so ever. Not even his eyes gave anything away. He's wearing the shirt I bought him the year before I left for school, paired with dark jeans. They still showed off the deep red blood stains from hours before.

   Under legal law, I am old enough to be Cody's official guardian for the time being. Meaning that I would have to move back home to take care of him and that's that. I'm never going to see Niall ever again. Brianne maybe, she could always come home to see her family, but I could never expect Niall to fly half way across the world for me.

   "Are we going home?" Cody asks when I finish signing the papers saying I will be his 'parent'.

   "Well, since our house in now a crime scene, we're probably going to have to stay in a hotel tonight." I sigh.

   "That won't be necessary, your staying with us."


   Niall's POV. *8 hours before*

   "You let her go!" Brianne seethes.

   "Bree, babe, calm down." Harry soothes.

   She's right, I let her go, I finally forced her to say she loves me and I didn't even try to stop her from flying home. I guess I was just too shocked from her horrible childhood. It made sense why she wanted to go of course. With a mother like that who needs enemies.

   "I need to help her," I mutter, "she isn't safe with her mother." The shocked expression I receive from Bree is almost enough to make me smile, but not quite.

   "She-she told you?" Bree stammers.

   I nod grimly, "Yeah, she did. She needs our"

   "Did I miss something?" Harry asks.

   "Only a lot." Bree snorts.

   I get up from my seat on Tanya's bed. Her scent quickly reaches my nose because of the mattress's movement. I reach over and grab the framed photo of Tanya's family, before Sarah's death. My fingers slide across the back of the picture and rub up against something, making it slip loose and flutter to the ground.

   I glance over at Harry and Bree questioningly. They're in their own little conversation, not even paying attention to me. Typical. I bend over and retrieve the folded slip of pale purple paper. It slowly unravels and unfolds itself in my hand, exposing a old worn out page. Tanya's fine hand writing is scribbled across the page in the form of a list.

1. Remodel my room the way I want

2. Go to university with my best friend, Brianne

3. Meet a guy who loves me despite my flaws

4. Move to a house in the mountains and own horses

5. Go back in time and prevent Sarah's death

   A wish list? I quickly slip the paper into my pocket for safe keeping. Then turn to Harry and Bree once again, "Ok, what's the plan?"

   "I just called my parents and told them that she's on her way home." Bree sighed, "They're going to meet her and Cody at their house to make sure everything is ok."

   "Alright then, I'll call the airport and book our flights." I declare.

   "Excuse me?" Harry and Bree ask at the same time.

   "Well, you don't have to go if you don't want to Harry, but I'm going the Vancouver, Canada to make sure my girlfriend is ok and to see what the hell is going on with her psychopath mother." I state while punching numbers into my phone, "I'm sure Bree will be happy to join me."  


   Tanya's POV.

   I turn around to find Bree's parents smiling sadly, "How-How did you know?" I stammer.

   "Brianne called us." they explain, "She was is quiet a fit, she's very worried about you."

   I choked back a sob. I was not expecting this. Brianne should be mad not worried, she should be sitting in our room plotting her revenge. Instead she called her parents and told them to come get us. I felt tears welling up and making my eyes heavy.

   "Come on honey, there's a surprise for you at the house." Bree's dad says lightly and wraps his arm securely around my shoulders.

   Her mom does the same to Cody and together they lead us out into the cold, Canadian night air. The sky here was clear and quiet. The hum of car motors on the highway could be heard faintly over the buzzing of streetlights. We were led to the familiar black car in which I had traveled so many times before. Every single one of Bree's soccer or hockey games, the early morning trips to school for band practice, the daily excursions to the local DairyQueen. All those wonderful memories were tied to this simple, black Ford. 

   The four of us piled silently into the car and pulled out onto the highway. We stayed on the highway for a good 5 minutes, then finally pulled onto my childhood street. My house loomed at the end of the street. The police where still swarming around it, hanging caution tape from the picket fence posts. The flashing red and blue lights were almost blinding.

   Cody shifted his weight beside me so that his head was resting softly on my shoulder. I instantly felt calmed and relaxed. Slowly my eyes slid closed. They stayed like this for all of about  minutes, until they were jerked open by the the sudden stop of the car. I raised my head and looked out the window to find Brianne's house sitting comfortably between rows of pine trees. The warm glow of the porch lights illuminate the dark street.

   The door swings open and Josh darted out dressed in only his plaid pajama pants and tight green muscle top, "Dude! What happened to your face!" he yells, playfully punching Cody's shoulder.

Cody flashes a fake smile and races Josh inside. I laugh softly and follow Bree's parents up the front steps. Taking in the fresh smell of my hometown and the musky scent of pine needles. As soon as her parents disappear inside I plop down on the porch rocking chair to rethink the day.

By phone buzzes in my pocket and I slid it out to find 4 missed calls from Niall, 3 from Bree, 1 from Lindsay, and several missed text messages from Harry, Liam, and Louis. I open the most recent one.

What are you doing? [From:Brianne]

Sitting on your front porch, it's been a hectic day. [From:Tanya]

You should go inside, it would be pretty cold there. [From:Brianne]

Just about to, goodnight, tell Niall I love him. [From:Tanya]

Tell him yourself [From:Brianne]

  What's that supposed to mean? Suddenly the door flies open and Niall, Brianne, and Harry emerge from inside.



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