The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


30. The End is NOT The End

   Dear my lovely friends, fans, and co-authors,

   I just want to thank you all for your amazing support. You're all amazing! You don't know how much all this means to me! =) 

   The Boy With The Irish Accent is one of the first movellas I have ever had the privilege to write and it is the first movella I have ever written with co-authors. Thank you so much J.K. Panesar, CrazyCatChloe, and OhhMyStyles! You three have made my writing experience that much better. You have ultimately brought out my inner author. For that, I thank you!

   You have all been so friendly and supportive since the first day I started on this site. Everyone on this site is amazing! 

   I also want to thank everyone who liked and favorited, if you did, you're amazing =)

  I have already begun writing the sequel, The Boy Who Promised, and it will be posted as soon as possible. (Most likely mid-January) So look out for that! The first two people to favorite that story will become a character in it! ;) Yes, I'm even bribing you!  

   I want to take this chance to promote some of my friends works and my own ;) the following stories are extraordinarily amazing and are promised to keep you hooked:

   Wolf Boy - by ღMadiGreeღ

   Intertwined - by lindsaylove174 & ღMadiGreeღ

   Stalker - ღMadiGreeღ

   Divisions - ღMadiGreeღ & J.K Panesar

   Wolf Boy and Me - by J.K Panesar

   Fight For You - by shefancies1D & J.K Panesar

   Only You - by J.K Panesar, Erica Snow Bluewater, & shefancies1D

   Three Lads and a Guitar - by CrazyCatChloe

   The Witch- Observer - by CrazyCatChloe 

   Thank you for reading The Boy With The Irish Accent and I hope you enjoy any of the stories I have posted. I love you all!

 <3 yours truly - ღMadiGreeღ 


   This book has been the first book I have been co-authored with. I have to say it was fun the whole experience everything. My other fellow co-authors ღMadiGreeღ, CrazyCatChloe, and OhhMyStyles have been amazing. I have to say all that I did was a little bit of editing and helping out with the plot. Madi was the main person who did the most of the work. She is an amazing writer and a privilege to work with. Not only that she is amazing to talk to and I can have some of the wackiest convo’s with her, as I can with the CrazyCatChloe and OhhMyStyles. I will be looking forward to co-writing more movellas with these fab people and hopefully there will be a sequel to this movella too. So keep your eyes peeled.

- J.K. Panesar


   I have to agree with J.K.Panesar, it has been a pleasure working with these co-authors. I can say I honestly enjoyed working with them. This is my first stab at a fan-fiction, and while I can say I only wrote a little bit, I certainly learned a lot from it. Madi did write most of it, and she was brilliant. As for the fans.... we appreciate the support. You were amazing. I look forward to co-authoring with these lovely people again.
Or is that too long and too much to ask?

- CrazyCatChloe xx


   Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a hold of OhhMyStyles. I haven't heard from her in quite awhile, but I'm sure she thanks you all too =)

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