The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


31. Sequel

Okay you guys! I am so so so sorry for a late sequel publish! I feel sooooooo bad, but I have good reason!!! I had the entire first couple chapters written but then I decided to change the entire plot line. The revised plot line ties in a lot better with this one, I really hope you enjoy it! :)

I explained myself a lot better in the authors note on the prologue, so if you care enough to want to know then you can read it there ;)

I have given you all the link to the sequel in the comments section! Go check it out now!!!!! Don't forget to FAV, FAN, COMMENT, AND LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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