The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


8. Lunch

   "Well you two seem to be hitting it off." I exclaim as we waited for Niall and Harry to return.

   "We do don't we?" she said while inserting her earrings.

   I had changed into bright pink denim skinny jeans and a vintage brown, off shoulder, hood-less sweater. Paired with a pink head band and silver flats. When I did my hair I made sure my bangs covered the healing wound on my forehead; I really didn't want to talk about how I got it. Brianne was wearing one of her favorite pairs of jeans and a cute, slim fitting, navy blue hoodie.

   There was a knock on the door and both Niall and Harry burst in laughing and screaming. Kicking and punching each other; play fighting obviously.

   "Did we miss something?" I asked.

   "Only the funniest thing I`ve ever seen!" Niall chuckled looking over at Harry, "Do you wanna tell them Mr.Gravity?"

   Harry just rolled his eyes and sat down on the bed next to Bree. "This idiot thought he could fly like Peter Pan, and as he was jumping around trying to make lift off when her tripped and fell down two flights of stairs!" Niall said snickering.

   "Are you ok?" Bree asked holding his head in her lap.

   "Yes, I`m alright love. The girls dorm has carpeted stairs." he grumbled.

   "Should we head out?" I say getting up cheerfully.

   "Yes! Lets go! I`m STARVING!" Niall groaned jumping off my bed.

   Brianne and Harry left the room hand in hand. Why doesn`t Niall hold my hand? He seemed to be very quite since my chat with Little Man. He caught me gazing at their clasped hand and slid his fingers through mine. I looked down at our entwined hands and looked up at him.

   "Urm, sorry." he stammered removing his hand and running up in front of the other two.

   What has gotten into that boy? I think to myself. When Niall cut in front of them Bree turned around and looked at me confused. I shrug my shoulders in return. "I`m as confused as you are." I mouthed.

   "There they are!" Harry yells pointing and waving at a group sitting on a patio across the street.

   We cross and walk up to the fenced in area. The waiter came up to us and we told him that we were with the group.

   A boy sprang from his seat and ran up to Harry screaming and fake crying, `Harry! I missed you SO much! Why didn`t you visit ME!" he cried into Harry`s shoulder and then glared at Niall, "Are you trying to take him from me?! Because FYI he`s MINE!"

   The entire group, including Niall, burst into fits of laughter. I couldn`t help but giggle too, even if I didn`t know who the heck this guy was, I liked him instantly.

   "Well, this is Louis" he say gesturing to the guy still hanging off of Harry, "and that`s his girlfriend Eleanor," pointing at a very pretty girl sitting at the table,"And that`s Zayn, Liam, Lindsay, and Jessa." Niall continued pointing at each of them in a row.

   I hugged each one of them and introduced myself and Brianna.  After 20 minutes of small talk and getting to know each other we were all laughing and joking around.

   Louis and El had been dating for awhile and had met at UAL. Louis was a very strapping young fellow with dark brown hair and strong shoulders. Eleanor, as I mentioned before, was a very beautiful girl with long curly mahogany hair. They made a very lovely couple. 

   Liam and Lindsay have been dating since the beginning of the summer. She was a foreign exchange student from Quebec, Canada. Lindsay was a petite, good looking girl with chocolate mocha eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Much like mine without layers. Liam was a tall hansom lad with the same flowing hair as Lindsay and matching brown eyes. 

   Zayn was going out with a girl named Rachel who was on a family vacation in Hawaii. Zayn was very buff looking with jet black hair and soft caring eyes.

   Jessa was currently single but didn`t seem to exactly care. Although she did seem to have a sweet spot for Liam and Lindz knew it too. She had considerably long dirty blonde hair and blue, nearly grey eyes. She still had her childhood freckles but it didn't make her look at all younger.

   "Why don`t we go to a movie?" Louis said pulling Eleanor from her chair. Lindsay and Liam decided to tag along with them. Zayn and Jessa went back to campus to study, leaving just Bree, Harry, Niall, and me.

   Harry leaned over and whispered into Bree ear. She giggled and stood up heading over to the car.

   "Where are you two going?" Niall asked raising one eye brow.

   "Don`t worry mate, it`s not what you think. We`re just going out for ice cream." Harry replied smiling, then he turned around and hurried to catch up with Brianne.

   "So what do you want to do?" I asked, directing my attention to Niall.

   "I want to talk about how you have a boyfriend and never told me." he retorted frostily.

   "What are you talking about?" I inquired.

   "I`m think you know exactly what I`m talking about" he shot, then examined my face, looking for answers, "I`m talking about how you let me kiss you and comfort you on the plane, while at the same time you have a boyfriend back in Canada who makes you regret coming here!" he yells.

   Why was he so mad? This didn`t even make any sense. What would possibly make me regret coming here? Wait...

  "You mean Cody?!" I asked.

  He nods his head. But now it was my turn to be furious. I can`t believe her doesn`t trust me! After all we`ve been through!

  "For your information Niall, Cody is NOT my boyfriend, he`s my 9 year old brother!" I countered, "But of course you wouldn`t know that since you didn`t trust me enough to just simply ASK" I add, slamming a 10 dollar bill on the table and storming towards campus.



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