The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


23. Live Television

   I have to admit, I was surprised, no not surprised; I was completely dumbfounded. Niall, Harry, and Bree flew all the way from London, England just to check on me. The only downer about the porch encounter was that it was painfully clear they didn't know about the murder. Which was a surprise considering the amount of police touring around my street.

   We were now sitting in the living room, me on Niall's lap and Brianne sitting at a respectable distance beside Harry. It was obvious that Bree's father was uncomfortable and nervous around her first boyfriend but nobody said anything. Both her mother and father kept giving me worried glances. 

   I was trying hard to hide my emotions, keeping quiet and listening to the conversation. Niall commented a few times on my 'odd' behaviour but I insisted I was fine, an obvious lie. I distracted myself by playing tiredly with a lock of Niall's golden hair.

   He looked really good in his grey stripped shirt and charcoal colored denim jeans. It really brought out his eyes. His beautify perfect blue-green eyes. They were focused on Bree's dad, who was in the middle of one of his many camping trip stories. I watched silently as the colors danced inside his eyes. The emotion and kindness behind a waterfall of dazzling blue color.

   "And that is when I was first encounter with the great north american grizzly." Bree's dad concludes.

   "Wow, that must have been so cool!" Harry comments in awe.

    "Oh god Harry, it's not that amazing, it's just a bear." Brianne scolds making us all erupt in laughter.

   "Hey guys, there is something really cool on the news!" Josh announces while pounding down the stairs.

   "Urm, Josh!" I heard Cody yell from the top of the stairs, "That's not a good idea!"

   Too late, Josh had already turned on the t.v and flicked to the news channel on CTV. Images of my house flashed on the screen, followed by pictures of the blood covered kitchen, then the bedroom and last but not least, the crime scene.

   I heard Bree gasp in shock as she recognized my house. Josh looks wildly in Cody's direction, who has now made his way into the living room, "Dude, your house is on t.v, and it's a mess." he exclaims.

   My mother's blood was still splattered all over the bathroom, sleek and fresh. The smell of blood filled my nose once again, the slippery wet feeling of it under my shoes, and the brilliant shade of my mother's scarlet blood.

   Suddenly my mother's photo was shown along with a photo of my dad. The news reporter was explaining how dad had been arrested for domestic violence and the murder of his wife. I felt Niall tense beneath me. 

   "Your parents..." he whispered.

   For the first time since my mothers death and my father's arrest I felt real grieving tears forming in my eyes. I looked over to Bree. Her eyes were glued securely to the television, her complexion paling and pupils dilating. Harry looked horrified as the announcer said my parent's last name, a.k.a my last name.  

   I sprung up and bolted up the stairs. I couldn't talk about this yet, it's just too soon. The numbness of the pain had been caused by my brain processing the nights events. Now that I practically had the entire ordeal summarized for me on live television, the grief and anger hits me in force. I slip into the bathroom and lock the door. Then slide my back down the door until I am sitting on the floor.

   Brianne's POV.

   "This isn't happening." I mumble, "I'm dreaming, this HAS to be a bad dream!"

   "You mean you didn't know?" mom gasps.

   I shake my head. Niall is already rushing up the stairs, Cody close behind. How could we not know this. The news footage showed at least 20 police cars outside Tanya's house.

   "When I picked them up at the airport I brought them home the back way. I wasn't even thinking. I forgot to tell them." dad sighs, griping my mom's hand. 

   "Could you two give us an hour, maybe two, alone with Tanya?" 

   "Sure honey," mom says, "come on Howard we need groceries."

   "Be careful with her. Don't push her too hard." Dad warns as they walked out the door.

   "Tanya open the door please" I hear Niall plead from upstairs. He sounds calm and collected, but it's easy to hear the tightness and anger in his voice. Harry's hand tightened around mine, he was quickly glancing around the room.

   "Haz?" I ask softly, "What's wrong?"

   "I just, urm, I mean...I have to go" he stammers and bolts out the door.

   "What's his problem?" Josh mutters.

   I shrug my shoulders. Where the hell could he be going? He's not even from around here, he doesn't know where he's going. I lift myself up off the couch and walk over to the window. Harry's dark outline is barely visible at the end of the street. 

   Tanya's POV.

   I lay slumped up against the door with my hands clasped over my ears. I could hear Niall's pleas from through the door, his sweet Irish accent making everything sound very persuasive. Feet pounded up the stairs once more and I could hear Bree's tiny voice adressing Cody and Niall on the opposite side of the door.

   I closed my eyes and pictured their forms crouching outside the bath room. Bree's flowing golden hair, Cody's shaggy brown hair, and Niall's bright blue-green eyes. Damn those eyes, they got me everytime. He could convince me to jump off a moving train by simply looking into my eyes.

   "Babe, please open up." his Irish melody whispered.

   I couldn't take it anymore, after the entire night of holding it in and forcing myself to be strong. I let go, I let every single tear flow from my eyes. Every scream of heartbreaking agony, every wail of loss. Even though my mother had always beaten me and treated me with such pure hate. She was my mother after all. My life source, she gave birth to me for god's sake!

   Dispite the sounds of Niall's fists against the door. It remained closed. I refused to unlock it. My tears were still flowing when I stood and walked over to the bathroom sink. I slowly opened the drawer and dug through it with shaky hands until I found what I was searching for.

   The small, shiny razor blade glinted in the light. My eyes squeezed shut as I ran the sharp end of the blade deep into my tender wrists. For a second it felt like all of my feelings of greif and pain were slipping out along with my blood. So I cut again, and again. Until there were several deep gashes along my arm.

   Suddenly the door crashed down to reveal Niall and Bree.

   "Bloody hell Tanya! What are you doing!"



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