The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


21. I Did It

   "I did it, I killed her Tanya!" Cody confessed happily, "She'll never hurt any of us every again."

   "No Cody, you didn't do it, your probably just in shock." I insist.

   He walks back into the bathroom and picks up a blood covered object, "This is my hunting knife, the one dad gave me for my birthday. I killed her." he says calmly.

   Just then dad walks in. Without a single scratch or speck of blood on him. This sent me into a rage, "Where the hell where you!"

   "What? I..urm...just got here." he stutters.

   "That's a load of bull! I saw your car in the driveway when got here!" I screech, "Where were you and why weren't you protecting Cody?"

   "Oh god, your mother. Is she-"

   "Dead? Yeah, she's dead, and it's your fault. None of this would have happened if you hadn't cheated on mom and sent her off the deep end." I accuse. 

   By this time, I could hear the police making there way up the stairs. I wrap my arm around Cody and lead him out into the hall. Dad was calling my name, I didn't care. Cody was moving very slowly beside me, his breathing was becoming labored and wheezy. Suddenly, his body went limp against me.

   "Cody? Cody!" I yelp. 

   I looked around frantically and spotted the policemen coming up the stairs, "Excuse me sir, my brother needs medical attention. Right now!" I screech at the first policeman.

   "Take him outside, the ambulance is waiting." he says calmly, "Is there anyone else in the building?"

   "Yes, my dad, he's in his bathroom and my mother, she's already dead." I say quickly.

   With that he and his partner continue up the stairs, "The bedroom at the end of the hall." I yell up to them, "Follow the trail of blood!"


   Cody had to get 7 stitches along his cheek and jaw line. The doctor said that he had feinted due to loss of blood. I figured as much. I was sitting in his room when he woke up. I told him what happened and about the stitches in his face. He handled them fairly well, all things considering. The doctor also said that there would be mild scaring, but it should heal normally, which was good news. Unfortunately, Cody still remembered mom's death and the entire fiasco. 

   I couldn't believe that he killed mom, I just couldn't, in my mind my baby brother didn't have it in him to kill. He even made me kill the spiders he found in his room. All my life, I haven't seen him harm a single thing, no matter how tough things got with mom. But all of the evidence pointed in the same direction, Cody killed mom.

   We were now in the police station. I haven't seen dad since I'd told him off in the bathroom. The officer was getting ready to bring us in to interrogation. I had pleaded to let me go with Cody, I couldn't let him go by himself, that's a little too risky.

   "Tanya, what's going to happen to me?" Cody's small voice sounded beside me.

   He's only 13 years old, 6 years younger than me, but his sounded broken and scared. He still sounded like that little boy that I had protected and raised all by myself.

   "I don't know Little Man, but you are not going to tell them you did it. She killed herself, you got that?" I warn, "She went into a rage, chased you through the house, slipped on the bathroom floor, and accidentally cut herself."

   "But the blood, it was all over the house." he points out.

   "It's yours," I insist and point to his cheek, "your cheek was bleeding really badly, you almost died."

   "Yeah, I know, loss of blood blah blah blah."

   "This is serious, you could have died." I snap, "Do you realize how upset I would have been if she killed you? She already killed Sarah, if she would have killed you....I don't know what I would have done." I sob.

   An officer walks up to us, "Alright you too, come with me."

   We are led into a small room down the hall. The only window is one that looks into a different room. There weren't any lights except a small desk lamp, which was perched on a lone desk in the middle of the grey room. Two chairs were placed on one side of the table, facing another chair that was standing on the opposite side. It looks exactly like something you would see from a cheesy CSI NY episode.

   "Take a seat you two" the officer orders, gesturing to the pair of chairs.

   We obey, plopping ourselves down quietly and then looking expectantly at the officer.

   "My name is Dr. Jones, I just want to ask you two a few questions about what happened tonight." he pauses and then continues, "We got a call from neighbors, they were preaching about a large about of screaming coming from your home. Care to explain?"

   "A complaint?" I ask, eyeing Cody. He hadn't called the police like I told him to.

   "You heard me. What exactly happened tonight?" the officer demands.

   "I was sitting in the living room, watching t.v." Cody began, "I had a cup of grape juice sitting on the coffee table. Mom has this really expensive rug that she had imported from India. She keeps it under the coffee table to show off to her guests."

   He pauses, taking a deep breath, "The phone started ringing and naturally I got up to answer it. When I swung my leg around, I accidentally kicked the full glass onto the carpet. Mom just happened to walk in at that exact time. She got mad, really really mad, and she was holding a knife."

   "Mom has anger management issues and bipolar disorder." I add, "She was in rehab for four years because of it."

   "So these aggressive outbursts are freak-went?" the officer asks.

   "They were. She seemed to get better after rehab, but nothings permanent." I say quietly.

   "I see, please continue Cody" the officer insists.

   "She lunged at me, cutting my face. She would have again too if I hadn't have run away when I did. The cut was bleeding really bad, I got blood all over the house. That made mom even angrier." Cody was blinking furiously, trying to fight back tears, "I ran into the bathroom, planning on hiding in the bathtub, but she followed me. There was water on the floor and when she ran in she slipped. She fell right on top of the knife, then she tried to get up but fell again and again. Stabbing herself in her struggles."

   "I'm sorry to say this...but I don't believe you." the officer admits.

   "Then what do you think happened?" I yell.

   "I think you did it." he says, pointing at Cody.

   "Ok, fine, I did-"

   Cody was cut off by the door swinging open, "I did it! Ok? I killed her!" dad yells.



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