The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


15. Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

   Harry's POV.

   Niall had stayed up all night long finishing Tanya's homework. I went to bed probably around 10:30pm. When I woke up the next morning, he was fast asleep with his head on the books. I chuckled to myself and shuffled over to the kitchen. Grabbing a pan and a metal whisk, I moved back over to Niall and clanged them together randomly.

   He grabbed his ears and flipped off the chair. Rolling over and over while groaning in pain. "Screw you Hazz!" he wailed.

   Flashing him a cheeky smile, "What kind of eggs do you want?" I asked.

   Rolling his eyes, "Scrambled" he muttered and rubbed his butt.

   After we ate breakfast we decided to head down to the girl's dorm. Our classes don't start until noon, so I think I'm going to take Brianne out for a little while.

   "Whoa, they're getting close." Niall commented looking in Liam and Jessa's direction.

   They were sitting on the couch in the game room. Liam's arm was around Jessa's shoulders. She had her head resting lightly on his chest.

   I'm not one to gossip or interfere, but the last time I checked, Liam had a girlfriend. I don't think Lindsay would be too pleased to see this. I unwillingly started heading towards them until Niall pulled me back.

   "Just let it go." he rumbled, "I don't want to get in the middle of it when things rear their ugly head." he added.

   "Let what go?"

   I snapped my head back and found Brianne gazing at me. Man she looked lovely today. Her silky blonde hair was pulled back into a side bun, dazzled with a pale purple flower clip. She wore a flattering purple top paired with plain white shorts.

   "Even in the simplest clothes make her look stunning." I thought to myself. "Especially her butt-Stop staring at her butt Harold!" I yelled at myself while mentally slapping myself over and over again.

   Niall prodded my in the ribs with his elbow and I realized that I still hadn't answered her question. Damn myself for taking so long to think about her butt. Dammit Harry STOP!

   "Urm, nothing, we were just taking about random stuff, you know?" Niall stammered awkwardly.

   Brianne's POV.

   Harry was acting weird. I tried to ignore the fact that he was staring at my butt. I don't think he noticed that I had noticed, since he didn't stop.

   "Ya, we were, ah, just being, you know....guys." Harry's voice went high at the end of the sentence making it sound like more of a question.

   That's when I saw it. Liam and Jessa snuggling on the couch. Liam's hand slowly slides up under her top. Umm, What?! My eyes grew wide in shock. How could he do this to Lindsay?

   Before Niall or Harry could stop me I charged over until I was looming over them. Liam looked up lazily, his face fell instantly as he recognized me.

   "What the hell Liam!" I wailed.

   Jessa's eyes flew open at the sound of my voice. She scrambled to get up at the same time as Liam. They only got tangled up into any even more awkward position. Jessa's were now resting on his back while his head was pressed into her hip.

   By this time Niall and Harry had already come to stand behind me and all this commotion had caused a crowd. In hind sight it probably wasn't the best way I could have handled things but quite frankly, I don't care. 

   I felt a hand slip around my waist and grab my hand. Harry pulled my arm and I spun around to face him. He looked angry too but at least he was controlled.

   "Babe, you need to calm down." he murmured

   "But he's CHEATING on Lindsay!" I spit.

   He glared at Liam, who was now standing beside the couch. Jessa was no where in sight. I pulled out my phone and was just about to text Lindsay about Liam's betrayal, Harry snatched away my phone and gave it to Niall. Who ran into my room.

   Great, just great. "What the heck?" I growl.

   "Look, I'm as mad as you are. If not more. But I don't think it's a good idea to get involved." he whispers.

   I turn to Liam and stare into his eyes, "I just want to know one thing: How long have you and Jessa been together?"

   "About a month." he croaked.

   I shot him one more disgusted glare and then stomped into my room, pulling Harry along with me. 


   Liam's POV.

   I felt awful. Jessa and I had been secretly dating for over a month. I still care for Lindsay but more like a friend. The only reason I hadn't broken up with her yet is because I simply don't know how.

   Brianne's confrontation made me realize how stupid I was for letting this go on for so long. I mean, out of the five of us lads I was supposed to be the mature one. The responsible one. And that's probably why Harry was so down right P.Oed.

   In the past I have been hard on him for dating so many different girls and on the rare occasion he cheated on them. He had a right to be angry.

   As Bree led him away he looked over his shoulder and glared at me. His piercing green eyes were like a punch in the gut. Somehow I knew that this conversation wasn't over. 


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