The Boy With The Irish Accent

*Post Note: the 1D boys are not famous*
Tanya and Brianne have always dreamed about going to school in England; It was their life's dream. So when they both got accepted to UAL, University of the Arts London, they were ecstatic. But when Tanya's luck takes a turn for the worst how will the girls over come the challenges. And who's sea green eyes stick in her mind every waking moment?


29. Back to England

   Cody's POV.

   After saying goodbye to Josh and his parents, Niall drove us all to the airport. We're now waiting in the terminal while our plane is filled with fuel. Tanya looks nervous, no, she's more than nervous. She's panicked. There's no other way to describe it. Niall is doing all he can to comfort her, but it doesn't seem to be totally working. I like Niall, he's good to Tanya and it's evident that he loves her. It's also evident that Tanya is hesitant when it comes to her feelings for him.

   "I just hope she realizes how much he loves her."

   "What was that?" a deep, rumbling voice asked.

   My head spun around to face Harry. His arm was wrapped securely around Brianne's shoulders as she slept against him. I know that they were fighting just yesterday, I don't pretend to know why, but I know that it didn't last long. They love each other too much to fight for long.

   "I didn't say anything." I stammered, I hope I didn't say anything out loud. I was only thinking to myself.

   The corners of his lips turned up into an amused smile, "Niall does love your sister," he stated, "Very much in fact. I don't think I've seen him fall for anyone as much as he has for your sister." he added, half to himself.

   Suddenly a voice spoke through the loud speakers in the room, "The plane to England will be leaving in 5 minutes."

   "Good, he better not hurt her," I murmured, "I do know how to use a pocket knife y'know."

   Harry's face went slack and he stared at me with a look of pure horror. I cracked a smile and chuckled slightly. He joined me shortly after, but his eyes betrayed the smile on his face. Something must have happened to him, he's clearly afraid of knifes. Even though I wasn't entirely kidding, I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. Killing Mom was a one time thing that I don't plan on repeating. She deserved it. After everything she did to me while no on was watching. After how she treated Tanya and I when we were younger. Yes, she did deserve it. One hundred times over.

   Plus, only Tanya knows that I was the one who murdered Mom. Might as well keep it like that. I don't need everyone being afraid of me for what I did. I was only defending myself, but nobody would understand that. Not even Tanya. Yes, my mother hurt her too, but not as bad as me. When she left, Mom ultimately went off the deep end. Not only was she surprised that Tanya had left and disobeyed her orders, but she had left without even saying goodbye or leaving a note.

   Mom took all of her pent up rage out on me. It got so bad, I wasn't even allowed to leave the house. I was too afraid to so much as come out of my room! Every time she would see me she would throw something at me, once she even threw a knife. Though, she was drunk so fortunately it missed. Most of the time, when she went into her rages she couldn't aim well enough to hit a barn door. Lucky for me, but not always so forgiving to the walls.

   When she calmed down a bit, she would blame me for the damage she caused. That sent her into an entire new fit of rage. But enough of that, it's in the past and I intend on keeping it there.


   Niall's POV.

   I can't believe your parents agreed to this!" Tanya exclaimed as I pulled up into the driveway of our new house, and killed the engine. Shortly after, I heard my parent's car park behind us.

   Tanya turned in her seat and looked me full in the eyes, "You bought a house! You're only 19!"

   I grinned widely and corrected her, "I bought the house for us. You, Cody, and I will live here until-"

   I was cut off by a strangling bear hug. Tanya's soft giggles tickled my ear, making me chuckle along with her. Damn her laugh is so contagious. I opened the car door and rounded the front of the vehicle to open the door for Tanya, she blushed as I did so, making me smirk smugly. My parents, Maura and Bob, were already unloading the luggage from their van and carrying it into the house.

   "My parents have agreed to take care of Cody until we're finished school." I added before carrying the remaining suitcases.

   Soon enough we were finished carrying bags in and Maura started showing Cody around the house. Cody seemed to love the house, especially his new room. The dark blue walls and fully equipped arcade room were anything a boy his age could dream.

   "How can you possibly afford this?" Tanya asked in awe as she glanced around his room.

   "I had some savings and my band just got signed for a major record deal." I explained, "The cash hasn't stopped flowing since the boys and I released our latest single."

   Her eyes grew as she stared at me, "How come I've never heard of your band?"

   "Because we were signed the day you decided to run off to Canada." I thought sarcastically to myself, but that would only make her upset. The boys and I, the boys being Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn, have been in a band since we all discovered each other's talent. From there we just entered local competitions. I only got the call the other day from Louis, saying that we've been signed with the Syco record label.

   "It just never came up I guess," I replied, "and I didn't want you to think any different of me."

   Her expression softened, "I wouldn't, you'll always be Niall." 

   Suddenly I remember the slight bulge in my pocket once again. I had been holding onto it since Tanya agreed to go on our date. Now is as good a time ask ever to ask her. I glanced back at Tanya, she has returned to admiring the house. She's now staring out the kitchen window, which just happens to out look the ocean shore.

   She sighed slightly then locked eyes with me, "I still can't believe you bought us a house when we've only been together for under a week."

   This is my chance, "Tanya, I know that we haven't known each other long, and I wish that we had met sooner. So that maybe...maybe I could have saved you and Cody sooner. If there was any way for me to go back in time and change what happened to you, I would do it."

   I paused and gazed deeper into her eyes, "So much has happened in the past week, I know that. I also know that this is an emotional time for you, but I want to help. I really do. Tanya, I love you, but you know that already don't you? I love you more than I love myself. I would do anything humanly possible for you. I would die for you, Tanya."

   She's crying now, her arms are wrapped loosely around my waist as she gazes intently into my eyes. I take a deep breath and continue, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, I've said it once and I'll say it again. For the rest of my life, I'll say I love you, because I do. I really do."

   I slowly slid removed her arms from my waist and pulled the velvet box from my pocket. She gasped and clasped her hand over her mouth the second it came into view. I smiled brightly and lifted the lid, revealing a silver, diamond encrusted band with a small, heart-shaped diamond.

   "Tanya, I know we are too young for marriage. My mother has reminded me of that many times." I begin with a smirk, "I promise that I will treat you to romantic dinners with roses and candles. I will give you everything you want and more. And one day, I will get down on one knee and ask you to marry me."

   She holds out her hand as I slide the ring onto her slender finger, "But today, I humbly ask you to accept this promise ring, as my promise to always be there for you and to always love you."


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