This Is What Crazy Is

Greyson is a wild child celebrity. Partying, drinking, and getting in trouble are her specialties. She's also a fearless heartbreaker, and she's never going to fall in love. Ever. But will a certain blonde Irish man change all that? Her knack for trouble and this new guy combine in an unexpected way and cause quite a stir....

Alexa is Greyson's best friend. She's the calmer, more laid back of the two. She's known in the media, as she's always by Greyson's side, but when another one of the Direction bachelors and her begin dating she's put in to the medias eye for just being herself. Will her charm change the heartbreaker that is Harry Styles or is she just another doll?


2. Concert Time

Harry's POV

LOUIS!! WHERE DID YOU PUT MY SHIRT? I yelled down the hall. Lou had come in a couple minutes ago said something about leaving his snack carrots in here and now my shirt and jacket were gone. LOU!! I called again pulling up my pants and walking out into the hall. I saw Josh standing out in the hall leaning on some sound equipment Where did Lou go? I asked. Um I think I saw him running that way he said pointing down the hall toward the Rec room. Thanks. I said already shuffling down the hall. This was our last show of the tour and I couldn't have been happier. I mean I love performing and seeing the fans but I couldn't wait to relax, after this show we all get a week off to go home and chill and then Simon had arranged for us to go down to a beach house in Australia for a week. Couldn't wait, hot Australian girls...I  really needed to find Lou. I walked into the rec room and found zayn and Liam laying on the couches. Have you guys seen Lou? I asked. No..said Liam looking up from his phone zayn shook his head. Ugh..kay thanks..I said turning around. I was almost out the door when I saw a pile of towels move. I rolled my eyes and turned around jogging toward the pile and bouncing on top. UGGHHHHHHH! Came a very loud groan from the bottom of the pile. I need my shirt I smiled casually at the head that popped up out of the towels. That hurt.. He said pushing me off and standing up. He tossed the shirt at me and I pulled it on. I went and flopped onto a couch as Niall walked in eating a sandwich whaz' gobin on? He said mouth full of half chewed sandwich Chew! Liam scolded throwing a pillow at him he dodged it and sat down on the floor Last show guys! Said Paul walking into the room clapping his hands together. You guys do this show a VIP meet and greet and then done! He said smiling at us Any questions? We all shook our heads. We were all excited for the end of the tour. Liam, Louis, and Zayn all have girlfriends that they hadn't seen in a while. Well, Zayn and Perrie had an interesting relationship, when Zayn remembered he was in a relationship....yea.....Lou, our stylist, walked in then. Boys! Hair now! She said snapping her fingers we all got up and started to walk out Paul remembered something Oh hey! Boys! We all turned around Tonight we have a special meet and greet a well-known person bought us out so you all have to be on your best behavior.. He said giving each one of us a pointed look. Who? Liam asked I was a little curious too. Someone all of us know very well, some one we know quite a lot about...some of us not by choice...he said chuckling. Well? Said Louis Who is it?  A special person and and a friend so no funny business got it? Again we got a very pointed look. Got it? He repeated Yes sir. Came the chorus of us. Alright show time, hour and a half left.......almost there.... 

Alexa POV

We pulled up to the front of the stadium and already there were girls everywhere. Most of them had signs, quite a few were singing, and here and there were some that we're crying. The door opened on Greyson's side and Jonathan gestured for us to climb out. Grey got up and went to stand by Carson while I slid out. A couple of fans up near us recognized Grey and started screaming and snapping pictures. How lovely....I bet my hair looks fabulous....We moved quickly through the crowd up to the front where we were lead up to our seats. The stage was literally right there. Right. There. I could have liked touched it if I really wanted to. I needed to breathe I was having like a panic attack. Greyson was already hyperventilating and Carson was trying to calm her down. We took our seats. Only 20 minutes till show time..Breathe Alexa! I had a massive crush on Harry. I don't know what it was about Mr.Styles but there was definitely something. I couldn't wait to see them, especially him, perform. And as if the night couldn't get better we were going to meet them afterwards. I could feel Greyson fidgeting next to me. If I ever told anyone she'd probably kill me but Grey was in love, head over heels for Niall Horan. She was a bit obsessed...not that she would ever admit to it. She had this weird thing about how she was never going to fall in love. It was one of the reasons why teasing her about Niall was so much fun, that and the fact that Greyson turns the color of a very ripe tomato if you say the right things. Yes dear miss movie star was a bit starstruck when it came to a particular blonde irishman. AHH! Only 7 minutes till show time...EEEEPPPPPP!!!!!

Greyson's POV 

7 minutes. 7 minutes until I would see him for the first time in person.. I don't know if I gonna be able to handle it... I might explode....I need air....deep breaths Grey, common your acting like a chick right now.... I made a promise to myself when I was younger I was never going to do this whole love thing.. It was way to mushy for my taste, I had done an excellent job with this task, until one day Lex and I were sitting at home watching our favorite show XFactor and an absolutely gorgeous boy walked onto the audition stage. Yep from then on, not that I will ever tell anyone, but I was indeed in love with Niall. Dumb hormones......grrrr.....I was snapped out of my internal battle by Alexa's hand gripping my own so hard I might have broken something... The count down was over....the concert was starting......I think I'm feeling a bit light headed...

Niall's POV

Show time.....This was our last show of the tour and I was having mixed emotions. I was happy I was going to get to relax for a while but at the same time I liked traveling and doing things with the guys...I was gonna be seeing them in a week for the beach trip, but it felt weird ending our first tour...I felt like we had started yesterday...I got into position on the toaster board and checked my mic one last time. The opening played for "Na Na Na" and suddenly we were on stage.......

Alexa POV

There are no words. My heart is standing still at the moment. Holy FLACK.

Greysons PoV

I could die happy now. One Direction was singing in front of me. Girls screams echoed from everywhere. I think I was screaming too, my body wasnt functioning properly. Lex and I were singing and jumping and screaming and I was on cloud flackin nine... Niall Horan was like 15 feet away from me......

Harry's POV 

We did an entire set, starting with "Na Na Na" we ran through all of our songs including a few from XFactor days...we stopped every now and then and goofed around on stage for a bit. Read some tweets answered weird questions, and finished off the night with WMYB.The crowd was going insane as we did our final goodbyes for the tour. We had one big hug on stage before the show ended. We walked backstage and it was almost as crazy back there as it was on stage. Paul and Lou were standing there, Lou was getting teary and Paul was looking excited and extremely happy. All of us were pumped after coming off from such a great show, we were bouncing off the walls, some of us literally in the case of Josh and Louis. After giving us a couple minutes to calm down Paul gathered us all in the Rec Room and told us how great the show was. We all got a water and got to towel off a bit as Lou refreshed our faces and fluffed hair. She finished primping us and we all went over and sat on the couches. Okay boys you ready for the meet and greet? Paul asked us all, he was looking....mischievous?? Paul? That was a look I usually saw on Louis, not Paul....there was something going on....Paul, who is our mystery VIP? Asked Zayn probably as concerned about the look as I was. She should be here in a few minutes replied Paul casually.
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