This Is What Crazy Is

Greyson is a wild child celebrity. Partying, drinking, and getting in trouble are her specialties. She's also a fearless heartbreaker, and she's never going to fall in love. Ever. But will a certain blonde Irish man change all that? Her knack for trouble and this new guy combine in an unexpected way and cause quite a stir....

Alexa is Greyson's best friend. She's the calmer, more laid back of the two. She's known in the media, as she's always by Greyson's side, but when another one of the Direction bachelors and her begin dating she's put in to the medias eye for just being herself. Will her charm change the heartbreaker that is Harry Styles or is she just another doll?


1. Getting Ready

Alexa's POV

GREY!!! HURRY UP!!! I yelled pounding on the door to the bathroom. Greyson could spend years in the shower, and I really needed to pee. She had been in there for an hour and a half and we needed to leave soon. Music was blasting and she was singing along. GREYSON!! I SWEAR IF YOUR NOT OUT IN 3 SECONDS IM GONNA GO PEE IN YOUR BED!! I yelled banging my butt against the door. The music stopped and i heard shuffling. The door swung open and I almost fell. I grabbed the door frame and turned around to see Greyson glaring at me. I was in the middle of my air-guitar solo. She said very seriously. Well I have to pee! I said pushing her out into the hall and closing the door. The mirrors were foggy and it smelled like a fruit stand had exploded in here. After I finished I washed my hands and walked back into Greys room. She had dried off and had on sweats with her towel wrapped around her head. I have nothing to wear! She huffed flopping onto her bed and growling into her pillow. Nothing?! We just went shopping!! I said pointing to the pile of bags by her closet we had brought home that afternoon. Sometimes Greyson was a pain in my butt. she was an internationally known movie star. Grey had stared in numerous movies and tv shows since she was 6. We had been friends since birth going to the same daycare together and had grown up here in London. When my parents moved to America, a few years back I came to live with Grey. I became known as her sister and eventually started using her last name just to avoid confusion. Being photographed everywhere we went got annoying but the perks, such as unlimited shopping sprees and movie premiers and celebrity boys definitely made up for it. Tonight Grey's manager had scored us front row tickets and backstage passes to the best concert ever. Her manager Bob, who was like an uncle to the both of us, had given them to her as a birthday present and her and I had been freaking out and preping for the concert since she got the tickets. Grey had set me up with celebrities before ,they didn't intimidate me, but this was different, we had to look amazing tonight, because this was the band Grey and I had watched on XFactor, the band we had fangirled over since day one. We had One Direction tickets.

Greyson's POV

Lex was straightening her hair when I finally rolled off my bed. I shook out my hair and hung up my towel on my door. I grabbed my makeup bag and went to sit in front of my mirror. Ugh my hair was already curling. Lex didn't believe me but one day I was going to shave my head. The blonde mess that resided on my scalp was the most annoying thing on the face of the universe, but she thought it was "pretty"....she didn't have to deal with it in the morning.... I pulled my hair up into a bun and started my makeup. Putting on the finishing touches to my face, chapstick and one more swish of mascara and my face was complete. My masterpiece I said in an awful French accent making lex roll her eyes and laugh. She had just finished her makeup and was now sorting through the clothes trying to find an outfit. I walked into my closet and groaned walking back out and laying on the floor. I repeat no clothing! I said exasperated. Lex rolled her eyes and got up walked into my closet and began searching. Do something with your hair right now! She yelled as she threw some shirts out of my closet and onto my bed. Do I have to?? I whined. A sandal smacked my forehead, hard. Ow! I yelped sitting up Lex walked out and smiled at me before replying Yes you butt! And your Leaving it down! I sighed and got up to go try and tame the beast. I brushed it out and decided to just leave it natural tonight. I walked back over and Lex was sitting on my bed ready to go. She had her brown hair stick straight down her back and her big brown eyes were lightly lined with a couple swishes of mascara. She was wearing a bright pink crop top that showed off the belly button piercing her and I had both gotten on her birthday and a pair of white shorts with her vans. She had laid out a pair of ripped jeans and a white tank and a navy blue vest and my favorite key necklace she had bought me the first time I left London for filming as a going away present. I changed quickly and she did a final check making sure I looked presentable. My curly blonde hair hit right under my shoulder blades and my blue eyes had been lined and mascaraed. We spritzed some perfume on and went downstairs where my bodyguards Jonathan and Carson were waiting. You two ready? Carson asked. Yep we both replied walking outside. This was going to be the best night ever. One friend....biggest crush ever....Greyson? Jonathan asked snapping his fingers in front of my face. Huh?oh..sorry..I said snapping out of my daze. Dreaming about your "boyfriend" again? Carson said laughing. I scowled can we just leave? I growled making all of them laugh. 
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