Forever and Always

This is a One Direction fanfic, which involves Mandy Brown, who falls deeply in love with Liam Payne


3. A Night to Remember

Liam Payne!!!!!!!! He was standing write in front of me! Since when do things like this happen to people like me! It just... Doesn't happen. I'm 17 years old, and I will never have enough money to go to a concert or a meet-and-greet or something like that. But here Liam was, right in front of me! "Hello love" Liam said. "H-Hi..." I said. Someone came running up behind him. "Hey I thought we were heading up to Nandos for lunch?" said NIALL. OMIGOSH NIALL WAS HERE TOO! BEST. DAY. EVER. "No way I was just heading to Nandos!" I said. "Really? Then maybe you can come with us!" said Liam. Niall stood there silently watching our conversation. "Umm Liam who's the girl?" Niall finally said. "Oh I never got your name!" Liam said to me. "Mandy Brown" I said, still in shock. "Lovely name, and by the way, love your outfit!" said Liam. OMIGOSH COULD THIS DAY GET ANY BETTER! "All right should we head to Nandos?" said Niall. "Sure let's go!" said Liam. He pulled out his cell and dialed a number. "Hello? Oh your already there! Great see you soon!" said Liam into the phone. Nandos was just around the corner, so we walked. When we got there, Niall walked right over to a table near the front, where there were already three people sitting. HARRY LOUIS AND ZAYN WERE SITTING THERE! I swear this day got better by the minute! "Who's this?" said Harry, looking at me. "I'm M-Mandy B-Brown" I sad. Ugh there's that stupid stutter again. Why couldn't I talk normal? Oh well. This was still a great day. After we ordered, we talked for a bit. "So Mandy where do you live?" said Louis. "Well, no where for long, I move around a lot" I said. "Let me guess. Parents jobs move you around?" said Zayn. "Actually I don't talk to my parents..." I said, tears threatning to spill. "What!" said Niall. They were all staring at me. "I was umm, well I was being abused at home so I er... Ran away when I was 13" "But who do you live with then?" said Liam. "My best friend Kayla. We both ran away when we were being abused. We both have jobs but they don't pay for much just food and clothes. And whenever we get spare change we save it for something we really want. We move around a lot, because we get caught by the government we'll have to go home. It's hard, but we make it work" I said. Now with tears streaming down fast. "I'm so sorry" Liam said, putting his arm around me. "You know, if you need somewhere to stay, you can stay with us!" said Liam. The lads all nodded. Well, this went well.
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