I miss you. (Harry Styles Love story)

Becca and Harry are both 18. It's been two years ever since they saw each other. Becca Green, has been waiting for him to come back. Unexpectedly, Harry calls and says he's coming back for awhile but he comes back with a brand new girlfriend. Read to find out more.


2. Sydney.

Part 2: I sat on the couch watching TV while Alexa cooked for supper. I checked my phone since I muted it. I got tons of messages from Lottie saying, "Becca? Becca? Did Harry tell you?" before I slid the unlock button to answer back, I wondered what Harry was supposed to tell me. I could only think of her being Louis's sister, so I slid the unlock button and texted, "What? Sorry I had a nap." She read the message quickly and replied, "Go upstairs and call me. I don't want you to be front of Alexa." My reaction changed, could she? Could she be dating Harry? She knows I am still in love with him. I took a deep breath and pressed dial and put the phone by my ear. "Lottie? What is it?" I demanded. "Harry has a girlfriend now. I think he got over you." Lottie said sadly. "Whoo, I thought you were dating Harry, but why? We were in love, he just looked for someone new?" I said to Lottie. "He told me everything, and he loves you so much, but management got a fake girlfriend for him and its a model/fake fan. Her name is Sydney. Management wanted Harry to be in a relationship because he was getting little quiet. He loves you so much but Sydeny.." Lottie answered. I gasped and dropped my phone. "Becca? What happened?" Lottie asked. I picked up my phone and wipe the dust bunny off of it and touched the crack I made. "Dang it." I whispered to myself, but Lottie heard it. "What happened Becca?" Lottie spoke. "I dropped my phone and cracked it. No biggie, Lottie." I told her trying to hold my tears.
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