I miss you. (Harry Styles Love story)

Becca and Harry are both 18. It's been two years ever since they saw each other. Becca Green, has been waiting for him to come back. Unexpectedly, Harry calls and says he's coming back for awhile but he comes back with a brand new girlfriend. Read to find out more.


3. "Mature" Alexa

Part 3: "Umm Lottie, I need to call someone." I said and ended. I dialed Harry's number and clicked dial. It was still ringing and it led to voicemail. I ended it before the computer voice spoke. I got a tissue and wipe my tears away and walked downstairs calmly. "What's up, Bec? Your make-up is messed up." Alexa asked. "Nothing. Just was playing with my make-up and messed up." I said calmly thinking about Harry. "Do you think I'm stupid?" Alexa asked. "Maybe.." I smirked. "What were you crying about?" Alexa asked serious. "Harry. He has a girlfriend, but she's for the press." I said. "Ugh I already hate the management but now I hate them even more! They're like the banker on Deal or No Deal; anonymous and really bad at making choices." Alexa said. I laughed. "Oh gosh Lexi. You are so smart." I said. "But seriously, what are we gonna do?" Alexa said. "We? Sorry sis, this is my problem." I told her. "Shut up, I'm older and I want to help you." She said acting all serious and mature. I chuckled and said, "Lets sleep on it okay? We tell it to each other in the morning at breakfast." I ate supper and then brushed my teeth. I took down my pony tail and my hair flew down. I took a deep breath and got on my bed and fell asleep thinking of how it's gonna work.
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