I miss you. (Harry Styles Love story)

Becca and Harry are both 18. It's been two years ever since they saw each other. Becca Green, has been waiting for him to come back. Unexpectedly, Harry calls and says he's coming back for awhile but he comes back with a brand new girlfriend. Read to find out more.


1. The Beginning.

I miss you: a Harry styles love story.

Prologue: Don't you ever wished that could go back to the days when you were just in love with someone? "I do." Harry said. A year ago Harry was living in Holmes Chapel deeply in love with me, (Becca) then he became famous and he had to leave me so I wouldn't get hated on. It's been a year and I miss him.

Part 1: It's January and its snowing in Homes Chapel. I walk around this wonderful town to remember the memories I had here. I went to the daycare I used to go to. On the door it said "Closed forever." I remember when the bank took it. I wiped a tear off my face. I turned around and went back into the neighborhood. I walked inside my warm and cozy home I shared with my older sister, Alexa. "There you are!" Alexa said. I took off my coat and my hat and went my couch. Alexa turned on the TV and changed it to Disney Channel and went into the kitchen to cook. I got out my phone and look down at my lockscreen. It was me and Harry the last time I saw him. Harry is my ex but we still love each other. I slid the unlock button and got on messages. I texted my best friend: Lottie, "Hey I just did my memory walk." and then clicked my phone off. I continued to watch TV while Alexa was cooking. "I'm making noodles!" Alexa blurted out. I laughed and said sarcastically, "That's great to know." I took a nap on my soft couch. My phone woke me up, someone was calling me. "Unknown number?" I thought. I tapped answer and put the phone by my ear. "Hello?" I said. "Hey!" said a familiar voice. "Harry?" I asked. "Yes, how did you know?" Harry said. "Your voice of course. Why would I not know the voice of someone I love?" I answered. "Becca, oh you know me so well." Harry said. I smirked. "How did you get my number?" I asked. "Lottie. Her brother is Louis Tomlinson." Harry said. "How did I not know that my best friend's brother was Louis Tomlinson?" I asked to Harry. He smirked and answered, "I don't know, um babe I have to go, I will text you when I can." I lost my happiness when it ended. Alexa was just staring at me the whole time. "Oh. My. God. You never been that happy ever since Harry left." Alexa gasped. I giggled. "Oh Alexa." I said and smiled.
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