Camp One Direction

When Sarah got shipped off to camp for the summer she would never guess who would be there. Sarah is not a One Direction fan at all, she thinks they are cute but she doesn't like them. And when Sarah was practicing in her cabin and someone mistakenly hears her and tries to find out who she is, will they find out before the ending of camp and before somethign big happends to Sarah?


8. Who's vocie is that?

Sarah's P.O.V.

Ever since Sadie told us that story we all have been using buddy system because we are all to chicken to go alone. I wanted to go practice my music but no one wanted to come with me, so I'll just go alone. I ran to the music shed to find a bunch of pianos. I found one that looked just the like the one at home and it brought back so many memory of when my mum and I had a great relationship. I was practicing my piano and started singing my favourtie song "Only Hope by Mandy Moore". I wanted to do the night talent show solo.

Zayn's P.O.V.

"Lad's lets go walk around the camp and see what it all looks like." "Okay" They all said at once. It was a fairly warm day today. Being in One direction has it's ups and downs. Ups are all the fans, singing, the lads well, I think you know the ups. The down's are when we want to explore stuff and crazy fans come chasing after us. When we got to walk around for not even 10 minutes about 20 girls come screaming and yelling and running towards, I look at the lads and give them a nod to start running. We come running towards a music shed and hid behind it. I hear this most beautiful vocie in there on the piano. I tried to get up and look but the lads said not to because the girls might see us, I guess they heard the vocie. I looked at Harry and said "Where is Sarah?" He shurruged his shoulders and popped his up to see anyone in the shed. Nope. Now I am really cirous who was singing, the voice was beautiful. After about 10 minutes of hiding, we went looking for the girl with the 'voice" which is going to be hard because this is a singing camp.


***sorry for the really short chapter, i wrote this a week ago and forgot to publish it, and i didnt no what add. so sorry!! but i have more chapters :)***


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