Camp One Direction

When Sarah got shipped off to camp for the summer she would never guess who would be there. Sarah is not a One Direction fan at all, she thinks they are cute but she doesn't like them. And when Sarah was practicing in her cabin and someone mistakenly hears her and tries to find out who she is, will they find out before the ending of camp and before somethign big happends to Sarah?


7. That story.

Sarah's  P.O.V.

I think that we did a really good job at the Camp Fire Jam. I mean, I had 2 hours to learn the song and sing it. I had no idea that Sadie could singning regularly and Opera. We get to have a big bon-fire since everyone liked ours the best. It's the 2nd day and I don't know if I like any of these boys yet, I sure as hell don't like Sadie. Sadie and I went to our cabin to change, she was being strangly being nice and I didn't want to ignore it because I don't know if she will ever be like this again. I went threw all my chothes to find something cute.  The tempurture dropped down to 50 degrees and it's freezing. I found some pink skinny jeans and rolled them up to mid-ankles and put a black sweatshirt and put my hair in one braid to the side and had a headband in and put my glasses on. I looked really cute according to Sadie, she just had jeans and a yellow sweatshirt on.

After about 15 minutes of getting ready we got to the bon-fire and found the boys waiting for us. Damn, they looked good. I walked over to Zayn and he had a huge smile on his face. Wait, I hate these boys? Why am I all the sudden wanting to be with them and hang out with him? I shook the thought out of my head and got up and sat on the other side of them. I got up to get a marshmallow and Louis was feeding food into Harry's mouth and Harry did the same, they looked like a married couple. I chuckled at the sight and Louis turned my direction and said  "You jealous? He's mine" he winked at me. Harry giggled and coninuted what he was doing. I was a little creeped out of what I saw. I guess they have a little bromance. Harry came over to me and whispered in my ear. "Louis and I are only best friends like brothers, trust me there is nothing more going on" I sighed in relief. "I figured, I know there wasn't more" I lied. I totally thought they had some more feeling towards eachother than bestfriends. Akwardness filled the air and I didn't know what to say next.

"Let's tell camp fire stories!!!" Niall said while stuffing his mouth with smores.

"Okay, I have a good one!" Sadie shouted.

"Go ahead!" I said. She smiled and I smiled back.

Sadie's P.O.V.

"Go ahead!" Sarah shouted. I felt like being nice to her so I smiled and she smiled back.

"Okay, okay. This is suppost to be a true story. Everyone looked at each other and and said "oh..oh, okay"

 So this girl Emily and her friend Cassie were hanging out one night at Cassie's grandma's house in the basement. They decided to watch a bunch of scary movies. Little do both girls no, before Cassie's grandma bought this house there was over 10 murders or homosuides in the basement. When the girls were half way threw the movie, Emily had to use the bathroom. As she walked to the bathroom none of the lights were working so she had to pee in the dark. Cassie heard this loud scream from the bathroom and she ran and she didn't see Emily in there at all, she saw blood everywhere on the floor but didn't see Emily. Cassie thought Emily was just pulling a prank and was on her period and she was hiding in the shower. "Em, you okay?" Cassie called out but then she heard a noise out by the telly area. When Cassie ran over there but saw nothing when she turned around she saw Emily in the air hanging by her hair and she was covered in blood. Cassie screamed and ran upstairs and ran outside to a forest but Emily's body followed hanging by her hair. Cassie stopped because she ran out of out of breathe and she turned to start running again but she fell over, lifeless with a 6in knife in her back. Emily's fell out of the grip and she was dead with a knife already in her. Cassie's grandma's house is the house right outside the camp sight. Ledgen has it every couple times a week people have been seeing the 2 girls walking around trying to get revenge on any one who messes with them.

Sarah's P.O.V.

Holy shit.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I am offically scared.

Harry's P.O.V.

Oh god, i'll have nightmares forever.

Liam's P.O.V.

I think I just peed myself.

Louis' P.O.V.

HARRY! Save me!!

Niall's P.O.V.

Yea, I won't sleep at all anymore.

Sarah's P.O.V.

I will never be the same here anymore because of that story.

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