Camp One Direction

When Sarah got shipped off to camp for the summer she would never guess who would be there. Sarah is not a One Direction fan at all, she thinks they are cute but she doesn't like them. And when Sarah was practicing in her cabin and someone mistakenly hears her and tries to find out who she is, will they find out before the ending of camp and before somethign big happends to Sarah?


2. Surprise!

Paul's P.O.V.

"Alright lads, I have been thinking lately and since you are on down time and all I am shipping you all off to Camp. This fame has gotten' to your heads and I am sick of your attitudes. The camp is called 'Camp Happiness" and it is a singing camp. There's a big preformance at the end of the summer you all will be in, and the winner gets a record deal. An-"

"And.. what? Your not going to make winner performe a song with us are you? Louis said angrily.

"I didn't think of that, but now that you mentioned it, yes i'll see if I can have that happen." I am proud of this chocie I made. I think the lads with enjoy there summer at Camp.

"I hate this" Harry said under his breathe. I couldn't help but smile.

Sarah's P.O.V

"All right everyone! Time to get in your groups to start practicing alittle bit!" Said Camp Director, Miss Jessie. Sadie and I are parred up, I don't understand why because I am not an opera singer, no where close to one. "Sarah, singing the scale!" Sadie was very competitive when it came to singing I can tell. So, I did. Not every well. "Sarah, you are great! Want to here me now?" Please don't burst my eardrums please don-. Oh, spoke to soon. Sadie sang the highest octive their was, my ears have been tramatized. She's amazing, but way to loud.

"Girls, I want you two to sing Torn by One direction." Miss Jessie said. Are you kidding me? Why? I hate One Direction and I don't want to sing any of there crappy music. Fantastic. Just kill me now.

Zayn's, Niall's, Harry's and Louis' P.O.V

"KILL US NOW." We all screamed.

Liam's P.O.V.

C'mon lads, this might be a good exprience for us! I mean we will be away from Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie but we still might get our cell phones!

"Oh, and you can't bring phones." Paul said from the other room. Oh boy. Not sure how this summer will go anymore. "Oh, and we are leaving in 2 hours! Make sure you are packed!" "PAUL! Anything else you need to tell us? That you forgot to mention?" "No."

Sarah's P.O.V.

"There's nothing left I used to cry my conversation has run dry that's what's going on nothing's fine im torn."

'Great job girls!! And I how many of you are in the cabin?"

"Two, but me and Sarah, why?"  Sadie said couriously.

"Oh, we are going to have 5 new campers joining us soon, so they will be staying in your cabin!" Miss Jessie said. Right when she walked away, it started to rain and the rain sounded like music beats when it hit the roof. I just hope the new campers are nice.



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