Camp One Direction

When Sarah got shipped off to camp for the summer she would never guess who would be there. Sarah is not a One Direction fan at all, she thinks they are cute but she doesn't like them. And when Sarah was practicing in her cabin and someone mistakenly hears her and tries to find out who she is, will they find out before the ending of camp and before somethign big happends to Sarah?


9. Pajama Jam

Sarah's P.O.V.

I am really nervous to do that song. I have never sang infront of a crowd before execpt for the Camp Fire Jam but I wasn't alone on stage, now I am. The nerves kept getting worse, oh god I feel sick. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I can't do this. I was runnning back to the cabin and I ran into someone "Sorry" I splatted out. I looked up and it was Niall. "It's okay love. Where are you going? I thought you were performing tonight? "Well I was but the nerves.. Me, the toliet. And yea." I said advioding eye contact. "You threw up? Awww I'm sorry. Here lets just hang out tonight at the Pajama Jam! I think Liam and Louis are doing a duet together and I want to see them will you join me?" Damn, Niall is just so beautiful. I nodded and we walked to the a cabin where they were having the Jam. He placed his hand in mine and we were walking hand in hand. I couldn't help but smile to myself.

When we got their, there was so many people. I saw Sadie and we walked over and sat by her. She was really nice now and I hope we will be friends.

*Katie a new character that causes alot of trouble.*

Katies P.O.V.

Oh my god! Mercede! (Mer-say-de) Look it says Liam and Louis will being performing a duet! I Love Louis!! "Look Kat, Niall is walking in with come chick?" Ah, that bitch is going down. Uggh, how dare she!! Who is she anyway? Oh right Sarah Hill. God, she's fucking ugly. She is done.

"Hey Niall and Sarah!" I put on a fake smile. "Hello." They both said.

"You all want to sit together to watch the performances? I asked. They both looked at each other and then shrugged ther shoulders and said sure. After about 30 minutes, Liam and Louis came up and they sang "Taken" They are perfect. Just perfect. Zayn came and sat by us and same with Harry. Now here's my chance. "Sarah, can I talk to you please? In privite?" She looked up "Um, sure?" I pulled her over to the corner..

"Listen here bitch, you stay away from the boys or I will do some real damage to you and them" I said angrily.

Ha, Like what?" She laughed.

"Like this." I smiled and she pulled her eyebrows together and punched her in the face. She went down to the floor, I knocked her out. I smiled to myself. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and all 5 of the boys were standing right there with all angry looks on there face. "Hey guys" I smiled and trying to flirt. "Why did the fuck did you just punch Sarah in the face?" Niall yelled in my face. "She uhh.. uhh.. Had something on her face! And I wanted to get it for her!" I said. Now I am upset because the 5 most beautiful boys are pissed off at me. "So you punched her?!" Liam yelled too. Niall picked up Sarah and they left, and so did the other boys. Great.

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