Camp One Direction

When Sarah got shipped off to camp for the summer she would never guess who would be there. Sarah is not a One Direction fan at all, she thinks they are cute but she doesn't like them. And when Sarah was practicing in her cabin and someone mistakenly hears her and tries to find out who she is, will they find out before the ending of camp and before somethign big happends to Sarah?


1. Camp

Sarah's P.O.V.

Twas' the night before camp and all threw the house, not a creature was stirring execpt for my mouse. It's 3 in the morning and I can't sleep. Checking on Twitter, Facebook, then Twitter again. Still no notifications, I wouldn't think I would get any. My mum signed me up for camp and I don't want to go at all. Even the name "Camp Happiness" sounds retarted. I live in Cheshunt, England, about 45 minutes outside London. Camp is an hour away in Northampton, not to bad, but it's all summer long which sucks. Non of my friends could go, so I don't know anyone. This summer will be something to deffintally remeber.

"Good morning love! Hope you slept well, for your last night the rest of the summer at home!" My mum is really happy that I am leaving all summer. We, well we don't get along very much.

"Yea, im thrilled." I said saracasticly. "Good! Are you packed? Because I am taking you in a few hours to go there." Oh god, let the torcher begin. I started to pack everything. All my chothes, make-up, ect. I have long brown curly hair and bright, bright blue eyes. I am a huge soccer player and thats pretty much all I do, soccer. Other discribe me as, gorgeous. I discribe myself, anything but that or any words similar to that. Yay, time to leave. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy...

The car ride wasn't fun either. The radio station of course had a One Direction song marathon. I don't like One Direction at all, why? I don't know there music is to cheesy and makes me want to jump of a bridge. Don't get me wrong they are so cute but that's all I like about them.

"Mum, please change the station! I can't stand listening to this poo." I was very annoyed at this moment, and I don't care if I yelled at her. That was the longest hour of my life.

When we finally arrived to camp, it looked like a nice place. It was in the middle of no where and it was huge. I might actually like this place. When we pulled up to the place where everyone gets dropped off, there was about 50 people. Oh joy. They all look friendly, so hopefully this summer will be good.

I got out of the car and this girl came up to me with a name tag that said "Hello my name is SADIE" Nice name, she looks really nice too. "Hello love! My name is Sadie and I am looking for my cabin mate, Sarah? Are you sarah?" Okay, maybe to nice for me to handle. "Yeah, I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you." I faked a smile. "Here let me show you to our cabin!" She was overly excited. "Kay.." I tried to smiled, but I am not sure how well it worked out. The cabin was huge! Like huge! "Is it just us two? Or more people?" "We have might have some other people that come later on, but we have a sheet to put up if we have boys in sharing this, so they don't see us." She explained everything I wish me and Sadie had a sheet between us so I don't have to see her face.

After unpacking everything, I was actually very tired. The camp director called everyone to the dinning hall so we can talk. I didn't know this is a singing kind of camp. I can sing a note, but I don't think I am good. "Ay, Sadie what kind of music do you sing?" "Oh! I sing Opera." She said smiling. Ah shit. Now I get to hear that in the cabin to. Fantastic. It was about 9pm when the camp director was finished with talking, and there was lights out at 10:30pm. This is going to be a great summer.

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