Mummy's Bodyguard

Two opposites meet. A killer and a protector. A little girl keeps their paths entwined. When Ania meets her match the survival of both her and her daughter depends on Fred. Could they ever move on, and form a family?


1. Troublemakers


  The little girl took the bodyguard by the hand as they walked down the sunny streets, filled with Thursday afternoon laziness. The girl chattered and giggled, and the bodyguard smiled. The girl was glad that she was going to miss an afternoon of schoolwork, eventhough she kept telling the man what a good student she is. The man- Fred Johnson- just smiled, nodded and listened. He was wearing his uniform, which the girl found very exciting. When she first saw him she was convinced he was a spy because of his earpiece. This wasn't strictly business, but close to it, and he had to make an appearance in the office this morning anyway. He wondered what his boss will make of his disappearance at work, but then again Fred already knew the answer to that, otherwise he wouldn't turn his earpiece off as he left his work for a "quick lunch break". He got a call as soon as he woke up this morning from Ania. He knew what to do..He came to her flat before work to get Tamsin's things. He felt like a bit of an idiot running around her flat like a lunatic, packing whatever it is a little girl might need. But then, he'd do anything for Ania and Tamsin. Sometimes he felt Ania abused that privilege. Tamsin's voice brought him back to the present.

"You know... I'm not an ordinary girl" The girl suddenly said scrunching up her nose and looking thoughtfully ahead of her. Fred looked at her pleated skirt, the black buckle shoes and white socks, the blue cardigan with her school's logo, and the black plats at each side of her ear. She looked like an ordinary girl to him.

"What makes you think that?" he eventually asked. 

"My mummy says that girls should be good. And only boys are ever naughty in my class. But I'm naughty a lot. And I'm a girl. Mummy says that I'm a troublemaker." she said proudly.

"Is that so?" Fred asked, giving the girl a cheeky grin. She smiled right back and nodded energetically. She resembled her mother in almost every way. Her sleek hair, pointy chin, even the little dimple at the side of her mouth when she smiled. She had her cheeky character as well. The same cheekiness that landed her mother in this heap of crap. If only Ania would listen to him and leave her risky job behind while she still had the chance. They could move out of the city together and find cosy little jobs, let have Tamsin have a father. But of course as Ania said many times "It's not as simple as that". Secretly, Fred knew that the real reason Ania wouldn't quit is only because she loved her job, and if she ever said otherwise it would only be to give him false hope or protect Tamsin. Fred had to admit that Ania was a masterpiece. In the 10 years of her whole career she managed to avoid the police like a cat avoids water, only most of the time it wasn't the police she was avoiding. If only she quit she could pretend that the last ten years never happened. But it could all be too late. By the end of today Ania could be dead. And if they found out she had a child, Tamsin and him could be dead too. Fred rolled his eyes. Assassins can be such divas, he smirked to himself. 

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