Mummy's Bodyguard

Two opposites meet. A killer and a protector. A little girl keeps their paths entwined. When Ania meets her match the survival of both her and her daughter depends on Fred. Could they ever move on, and form a family?


2. Opposites attract

< 7 years earlier >

Fred looked as tough as his two companions, but inside his black suit his heart was pounding. This was only his 5th time actually protecting someone. And not just any someone. The president. He was so glad this was only a one night thing. The president was giving  some speech in front of a gathering of important people and a few cameras and journalists, then having drinks with a lucky few afterwards. All in all, a rather small collection of men in suits, and ladies in evening dresses. Nothing major. That's what the other guys said anyway. Fred didn't listen to them. Fred didn't listen to a word the president said either. He scanned the crowds repeatedly, occasionally looking at the president or to the wings of the small stage the president and a few companions were settled on. A certain redhead drew his attention. On any other night he would spend all evening looking at her, but tonight he paid as much attention to her as he did to everyone else. She was something else though. She was dressed in a black dress, low neck line, big slit at the side. Her hair flowed freely all around her face and down behind her shoulders. The expression on her face was something Fred couldn't work out, and he kept on looking back at her, trying to figure her out. Her face showed a half-smiling lady, listening to the speech, enjoying the evening, but her eyes were alert, calculating something. It wasn't just that the woman was undoubtedly the prettiest woman in the room, it was something in those eyes that made Fred feel un-easy. The speech drew to a close. The president exited the stage in between the body guards. Fred turned and followed him, keeping a careful eye on the lady.  By the looks of things she was keeping a careful eye on everything too. She looked in a couple of different directions, then whipped her head round and shot Fred a look. He could see her eyes getting wide, wondering what to make of this. Before she could decide he smiled as flirtatiously as he could. If she WAS up to something he wouldn't want her to know he was on her case. She raised an eyebrow and smirked with the corner of her mouth. Damn... if only he was off duty today. He quickly followed the president inside, unaware that the redhead's smile spread through her whole body and her eye's glistened like the moon.

Ania was at first outraged at the buffoon's boldness. This was hardly the time or place. But, she noticed he was close to the president. If she could get close to the bodyguard she could get close to the president. She could go along with it. This plan was better than no plan. She would charm the idiot into letting her have a private chat with the president, or maybe she'll just try and get the two alone with her. She walked up to the man from behind and put and arm on his shoulder. 

"Hello handsome" she smiled at Fred. He was calculating how much time he had. 15 minutes topps the other guys said. All he had to do was stall her for that long.  He could do that.

Little did Fred or Ania know, 15 minutes later they would be making out passionatly in a closet. Fred might get fired now, but at least he did his job-in a much more pleasant way than expected.

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