Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


21. Trust

I suck in a sharp breath.  One of the boys must have heard me, because I heard footsteps walking towards the door.   I jog away from it, and go to my room.  I lock the door, and collapse on my bed.  So many things were running through my mind.


Did I really hear what I think I heard?

Should I confront Liam about it, or wait until he talks to me?

Should I tell anyone about this?


And the most important question of all:

Should I tell Niall about this?


No.  I shouldn’t.  It would break his heart.  Not to mention, it could possibly ruin the relationship between Niall and Liam.  Or even worse, Niall and me.  I would die if that happens.  I let the tears roll down my face.


****An Hour Later****


I heard a knocking at my door.  I go and open it.  By now, I had cried all of my tears, and had cleaned up a little.  It would be bad if anyone knew I had been crying.  Standing at my door was Liam.  Oh. No.  I hope he isn’t going to talk to me about what I think he is.


“Hey Marie.”  He says, tentatively.  “Hey Liam.”  I say, acting as if nothing was up.  “Um…”  He stutters.  Oh no.  This can not be happening right now.  “Louis wants to talk to you!”  He says quickly shoving Louis into my room.  Louis glares at him.  His face turns red, and he stalks away.  I raise an eyebrow at Louis.  “What was that?”  I ask him.  He sighs.  “I know you know, Marie.  I saw you running to your room.”  He said, sadly.  I sigh.  I guess the jig is up.  I lean my head to Louis.  “I can’t deal with this right now!”  I wailed into his shirt.  He rubs my back.  “Everything will turn out how it should be…”  He mutters.  I hear an angry gasp at my door.


“I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY MATE!”  Niall screams at Louis red-faced.  “I am!  Let me expl” Louis started.  Niall cuts him off.  “YOU LITTLE TWO FACED RAT!”  He shrieks at me.  By now, my muffled sobs have turned into full blown bawling.  “Niall!  You don’t understand!”  I exclaimed.  “I don’t want to hear an explination, Marie.  I thought I could trust you.  We.  Are.  Over.”  He says, before storming off.  I collapse on the floor, wailing.



Hey, everybody!  Sorry I haven't updated in a while!  Between shool, homework, and being out of town, my life is hectic!  Wow.  I cannot believe Forever Young has gotten this popular.  2k reads, guys!  Awesome!  Keep it up!  If you really like my story, will you please press the "like" button?  That is the one that they keep track of popularity on.  It would mean tons if we can get get Forever Young to #1!  I can't do it without you guys!  Will you leave me a comment and tell me what you think of Forever Young?  Thanks, guys!  I'll try and update soon!

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