Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


8. The Wait

The paramedics came to the scene quickly, but true to his nature, Chris fled at the first sign of trouble.  I didn't care though.  All I cared about was Niall.  Gosh, why did Chris have to come and ruin EVERYTHING!  And after Niall called me his baby...  The thought of it brought tears to my eyes. 

****At the Hospital****

They wheeled Niall into a room, and told me that I had to wait in the waiting room, while he went into emergency surgury.  It was okay, because I had to call the boys and tell them what had happened.  I dialed Louis' number.

"HOW DID IT GO!" He shouted, as soon as he picked up the phone.  I started bawling.  "Marie, what happened?"  He asked, concerned.

"Ccc-hhriss,  heee shooot Nialllll!"  I was having a breakdown, right here on the hospital waiting room floor.

"We'll be there in a second."  He said seriously.

When the boys arrived at the hospital, they saw me in the fetal position on the floor.  Liam ran over to me, and started comforting me on the floor.  "Everything is going to be okay, Marie.  He will be okay."  He said, rubbing my back.  Just then, the nurse walked in the room.

"He didn't make it."

My world stopped then and there.

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