Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


20. Tell Us

When we got home, Laura threw open the door.  “MARIE!”  She squealed.  “LAURA!”  I squealed, equally loud.  “NIALL!”  Niall screamed, mimicking us.  We laughed, and I made Laura move out of the way, so that we could go inside.  Before I could step through the door, Kianna grabbed my wrist and dragged me to her room, where Laura and Claire already were.  She sat on her bed.  “TELL US ALL ABOUT IT!”  Claire shrieked.  I smiled.  “If you have to know, Brooke was there.”  I said.  Laura frowned.  “She tried to take Niall from you, didn’t she?”  Kianna asked.  I nodded.  “But, Niall wasn’t having it!”  I said, smiling.  “He is so sweet!  I am so happy for you!”  Claire said.  I smiled and told them what had happened at Nando’s.




“What is Harry’s middle name?”  He asks me.  “Edward.  That was so easy!”  Brooke says in a preppy tone.  I roll my eyes at her.  “Hello again, Maria!”  She says to me.  I sigh.  “What do you want, Brooke?”  I ask.  “Why don’t you introduce me to your adorable boyfriend here.”  She says, resting a hand on Niall’s shoulder.  He pulls it off.  “Yeah.  Why don’t you go introduce yourself to those people over there?  I’m sure they would love to see your ugly face.”  Niall says.  I cheer for him in my head.  Point 1 for Niall and Marie, 0 Points for Brooke.  She shrieks and stalks off.  I high-five him.


****End Flashback****


I smiled at the memory, and the girls squealed.  I shook my head at them, and walked out of the room.


I walked past Liam’s room.  In it, he and Louis were whispering.  I couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

“I really like her man, but I’m dating Danielle.”  Liam whispered.  “I would tell you to tell her, but you might hurt Niall in the process.” Louis replied.  Wait, hurt Niall in the process?  Who was it that Liam was crushing on?  “I know I shouldn’t like his girlfriend, but I do.”  I heard Liam say.  Niall’s girlfriend.  That’s me!  Liam has a crush on me!  Oh no.  This won’t end up very pretty.

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