Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


15. Surprise

I threw open the door.  “MARIE!”  I heard a chorus of shouts.  Outside the door, stood Laura, Claire, and Kianna.  They all threw their arms around me.  “Ya’ll are here!”  I shouted.  “Looks like you’ve still got your Texas twang!”  Kianna shouted, referring to my use of ‘ya’ll’.  We all laughed.  “Wow, how long are ya’ll staying?”  I asked, pointing to their several bags.  “FOREVER!  WE GET TO MOVE IN WITH YOU!”  They shouted.  “But… we don’t have enough rooms.”  I said, confused.  They shoved their way inside, and walked over to the storage closet.  “Did you know that your flat has emergency rooms?”  Kianna said.  “No way.  That’s a storage closet!”  I said, bewildered.  “So, it fooled you!  Good!  That means it’s well disguised!”  Laura said.  Claire stepped into the storage closet, and shoved everything in it aside.  “It’s like Narnia!”  I shouted.  They laughed.  We were soon joined by the boys. 


“So, we just knock out the closet, and have it rebuilt after the bedrooms!”  Claire said.  I was starting to see it.  “Okay girls,” Niall said, “Go ahead and unpack.  I’ll call the construction agency.”  “I’ll help!”  I said, trying to be as welcoming as possible.  So, for the rest of the day, we unpacked.  Then the construction workers came.  I opened the door for them.  Just my luck, guess who I saw at my door.



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