Forever Young

Marie was an average girl. Until she wasn't.


14. Present Time

“PRESENT TIME!”  Louis shouted.  I sigh.  Great.  “Okay.  This is the order of go.  Me, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall.  Then the present from all of us.  Then the others.”  He said.  Louis handed me a small box.  Inside was a pretty keepsake box.  “Awah!  It is so, so, pretty Louis!  Thank you!”  Zayn handed me a medium sized bag.  I opened it.  There was a varsity jacket, and on the back, it said Horan.  I smiled at him.  “That’s so thoughtful.  Thanks Zayn!”  I said, hugging him.  “The Horan part was a nice touch.”  Niall added.  We laughed.  From Harry, I got a charm bracelet that had one charm on it so far.  The charm said ‘BFF’.  Liam got me 5 charms for the bracelet.  Each one had one of the boys name on it, and their birthstone.  Niall showed me his keychain.  On it was a charm like the ones Liam had given me, except this one had my name on it, and my birthstone.  I smiled graciously.  Then Niall handed me a large box.  I tore it open.  Inside, was a Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull mix dog in a crate, with everything I would need to take care of it.  I laughed and smiled at him.  “I think I’ll name it James, after you, Niall.”  I said.  I let James out of his crate. 


“Now for the present from all of us!”  Harry shouted.  Liam handed me a small box.  I tore it open.  Inside, was a set of keys.  I screamed.  “A CAR!  YOU GOT ME A CAR!”  Niall laughed at me.  “Go look outside.”  He said.  I ran out the door.  Parked there was a red convertible.  “HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT!”  I screeched.  They laughed at me.  Liam pulled me back inside.  “Now for the others!”  He said, happily.  Zayn handed me a couple of cards.  The one on top of the pile was from Laura.  It read, ‘Sorry I can’t make it!  Flights to Mullingar are expensive!  Gosh!  Well, Happy Birthday!  Finally, you are an adult!  YAY!!!  Call me soon!  XOXO, Lorpa’.  A 500 dollar bill fell out of the envelope.  I stared at it in awe.  I snatched it up, before the boys could get any ideas, and went to put it in my purse in my room.  I decided to bring the purse back out with me, just incase I got anything else I wouldn’t want the boys stealing.  I sat back down in the chair in the living room.  James decided to join me.  He jumped up on my lap, and laid down.  “OOOFFF!”  I said, the wind knocked out of me.  James was a hundred pound lap dog!  I smiled at him, and grabbed the next letter off of the stack.  It was from Claire.  It read ‘Hey Brenna!  So sorry I couldn’t be there with you!  No.  Actually, I’m sorry I can’t be there with One Direction!  Haha!  JK!  So, um, I hope you like money?  Because I couldn’t afford to send a box overseas.  I could only send an envelope.  But, I hope you like cash!  But, then again, who wouldn’t?  XOXO, Claire-Bear’.  Inside the card was another 500 dollars.  They need to realize that shops here don’t take American cash.  Well, I guess I can trade it in.  I put the money in my wallet for safekeeping.


Kianna’s card was the next one.  It said generally the same thing as the others, and had the same $500 in it.  The next card was from Auntie.  It said that she was sorry she missed my birthday, she was busy today, and that she loves me, and hopes I’m having a good time here.  In it was $500.  Where did she get that?  She lives in Mullingar, not the States.  I would have to ask her later.  The last card in the stack was from Mom.


‘Hey Marie!

So, you know how I went to Paris?  Yeah, don’t be mad, but I really didn’t.  I stayed here.  Look, you are turning 18 this year.  A full grown adult.  See, I know that if you had stayed here for your birthday, you wouldn’t have left.  You would have thought that I need looking after.  So, I sent you to your Aunties.  But, not really.  I bought you a flat near your Aunties house, and told her to play it off as if she had rented it for you.  Then, that boy band came along, and I told your Auntie that she could have them live with you.  Did you know that she’s their stylist?  Anyways, I told her not to let you come home after your birthday.  I will be perfectly fine here.  You need to stay there, with your boyfriend, and your friends.  I have two presents for you.  One of them is the cash here in this envelope, and the other should be walking through the door… around… now!  Look, have fun!  I love you!  Happy Birthday!  XOXOXOXOXO Mommy’


I looked up with tears in my eyes.  I opened the envelope again, and an absolute fortune of money spilled out.  I looked at it with wide eyes.  Looks like I’m going to the bank soon!  Then, I heard a knock at the door.  Looks like my other surprise just arrived.

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